SwitchBot Meter

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Easy way to monitor and track

SwitchBot Thermometer and Hygrometer (the Meter) monitors and tracks your home temperature and humidity easily.

High-accuracy Sensor

The Swiss-made sensing component provides careful and accurate monitoring that you can trust.

Track your home conditions 24/7

394ft Whole-home Coverage

Up to 120m/394ft (under ideal conditions with no obstructions) enabled range, the Bluetooth connectivity lets you check data on the app at any time.

Alert via the App

Push alert near Bluetooth.

Push alert from anywhere. (SwitchBot Hub required)

For Android users, a SwitchBot Hub device is required for pushing alert.

Store and Export Data

Maintain the most recent 36 days of data inside.

Unlimited data could be stored on the Cloud. (SwitchBot Hub required)

Export the data to CSV format.

Security & Privacy

Location permission is now needed for the Bluetooth Alert feature on iOS devices.

SwitchBot never tracks users' location information or shares it out.

Keep your valuables safe

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Precise items, excellent technical support!

I have several bots and meters, and one hub I control and check accurately the heating system with at home. Everything works flawlessly and I find my house warm when I get home. Switchbot technical support have been incredible fast, kind, useful and effective to solve my doubts. Thank you!

Marco Thormann
Great quality, small price

Great product with awesome quality. Each 2 minutes it does the measurement. Thanks a lot

Richard Fairservice
Easy setup temperature meters

Super easy setup on the 2 temp/humidity meters. They also look nice. Very clean simple design that just does what I need it to do.

gerald cotton
Value, Simplicity

Good value and simplicity. That's what I like about SwitchBot Mini Hub and Meter. I have 3 meters installed around the house and use the readings to activate fans and dehumidifiers. So simple, so inexpensive! Need more integration options.

Stanley Lui
Very good device, could use smart home improvements

What I like:
* Clear display
* Magnetic mount
* Responds quickly when queried through smart device
* Battery powered
What needs improving
* Humidity should show (like temperature) when queried on smart display
* Temperature or humidity should be able to serve as triggers for routines
* Confusing interface on smart display makes it look like a thermostat

So as an individual device on the SwitchBot app, it's pretty much flawless. And while it does get the basic smart home integration right, it's still rather rough around the edges.