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SwitchBot Lock Pro is a great addition to any smart home

I have had the Lock Pro for a couple of weeks now and I must say its an impressive bit of kit. Faultless in operation and a pleasure to use, so much so that I already no longer take a key when leaving home for the day. With the ability to remotely unlock the door should this be necessary to allow entry to whomever may need it, workmen, secure parcel drops, family or whoever. I have set the LockPro to auto lock when the door is closed so forgetting to lock the door is never a problem. Retrofitting to my door without any sticky pads or screws was a simple procedure done in minutes. Excellent product.

Rick Masters
No more keys to worry about!

I was a little apprehensive regarding security and installation of the new switchbot lock so I watched a few videos and they all made it look very simple.

Setup wasn't as easy as advertised but that was more my lock and not the smart locks fault.
Some people just unscrewed the fob off. I couldnt do that. Mine was built into the mechanism itself. I had to drill mine off, then find a locking bolt to go through the round cylinder. The locking bolt then jammed against the installation plate when turning so I had to shave the hole larger.

Once this was done though all went rather smoothly. Set up was very easy and straight forward. Installing the apps, linking the keypad, setting up the hub. All really easy without a single hitch which was refreshing!

The lock itself is fantastic! I can now make sure the door is locked away form home, I get alerts every time it is unlocked and when family call around they all have their fingerprints stored in the keypad meaning no more keys!

A couple of minor issues though: first is one thats impossible to avoid due to my door lock It requires the lifting of the handle first so the door can be locked or unlocked. This means I cant simply lock the door when away from home as it wont turn the fob. Its just one small issue though, when leaving you just lift the handle and press the lock button on keypad like I would have done with a key.

Second issue is the product itself Its rather large. The footprint is much bigger than Id ideally like so its impossible to use on any doors that open outwards. Id LOVE to have one of these on either of my backdoors but it would simply hit the wall or frame when opening the door. Itll only fit my front door which opens inwards. This is a real shame and would love it if you guys added a smaller lock or one that goes into the door itself (I know that's not your selling point but)

For my front door though it is great and Im having a lot of fun playing with its many security options and password settings. Having family members set up to save having to mess about with keys is AMAZING! DO wish it was a bit smaller but that's my only issue. Great lock and will use it for many years to come I'm sure

Andrea Telmon

The switchbot lock pro are the best solution for let the house's keys in the pocket....nevermore without!!!

Switchbot Lock pro mit Fingerprint

ist bisher eines der besten Systeme auf dem Markt. Die Akustik ist leiser al bei anderen Mitbewerbern und die Zuverl?ssigkeit super. Auch die Installation und Einrichtung per App kann jeder mit ein bisschen Verst?ndnis. Kann ich nur empfehlen. TOP

Nikolay Alexandrov
SwitchBot Lock Pro

SwitchBot Lock Pro

Sven Engwerth
Works like a charm

Easy installation, very solid product. Good app integration. Noise level ok.
Only thing that could be improved ist to provide more options regarding the attachment to the door. The 2 plates provided are either directly attached to the door ore to the key lock part- this one is a little shacks. The other one works only up to 2,5 mm.

Petr Kaplan
SwitchBot Lock Pro

I am using complete set (Lock Pro, Gateway and Keypad) for the period of use (approx. 3 weeks) I can state only positives.
- Installation is so easy (hardware and software setting) that is done in 30 minutes from taking box in to my hands till watching TV again (-;
- So far, I haven't noticed a single failure or error, not even a small one (always was able to reach the lock from app, no problems with locking/unlocking via fingerprints on touchpad no issue with alexa)
- The only small issue is, that children fingerprints (my 3yo son) are not recognized so good, but it may be another issue as are general physical limitation, but I was not checking it till now

Jago Van Vliet
Super easy Solid product

Im super happy with this lock. So easy to install and use.

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