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Smart in seconds

SwitchBot Curtain is a small wireless device that makes any curtains motorized after 30 seconds of
installation. After mounting to curtain's rod or rail, you can then control and schedule curtains to open and close.

Born to Retrofit

Not like other smart curtain solutions, SwitchBot Curtain is coming to retrofit and automate your existing curtains. By one-step attach it to tracks, transform your existing curtains to the smart ones within seconds.

Installation can never be so easy

Thought it would take you over an hour to complete the installment? No way! With the unique mechanical design of the SwitchBot Curtain, it takes you only 30 seconds to install, no matter it’s U rail, Rod or I rail

(Please check the parameters of your curtain rail before you order)

Open your curtains with one touch

Sometimes we’re just too tired of pulling the drapes by hand. So, from now on, start to open and close curtains on your smartphone. By adding the SwitchBot Hub Mini, you can even control your curtains when you 1000 miles away from home!

Switch to a cozy smart home

SwitchBot Curtain works perfectly with your smart home appliances. Get a SwitchBot Hub Mini, use your voice command to control your curtains with Google, Alexa, Siri and other integrations. Set up a “Movie” scene on your phone , instantly transform your living room to a movie theater.

Wake up with natural light

Struggling with the alarms in weekdays’ morning? Let the SwitchBot Curtain save you. Set up a schedule on your phone, your curtains will be automatically opened before your alarm goes off.

Energy saving everyday

With the help of the built-in sunlight sensor, your curtains can be set to close during the daytime in summer, blocking out the sunlight to save the air-conditioning. Set the curtain open during the day time in winter, you will enjoy a warm room off the work while saving on heating!

Long Battery Life

Equipped with a rechargeable battery, it can last 8 months depending on the usage. Plus, there’s an optional SwitchBot Solar Panel, once plugged in the SwitchBot Curtain, you will never have to recharge again.

Click anywhere to control

Get SwitchBot Remote so you can use "shortcut" anywhere in your home, control your curtains with one simple click.

Touch & Go

Even with SwitchBot Curtain, you'd probably still instinctively draw the curtains by hand. When SwitchBot Curtain senses your little pull, it will kick in and do the rest of work for you, so-called Touch & Go. 

Double-sided curtain?

You can get SwitchBot Curtain Starter Pack (two units) so to open and close your double-sided curtains from the middle. By just a simple setup in the App, two curtains will run as one on the track. 

Tiny Body with Big Power

With a palm-sized body, it can be nicely hidden behind your curtains and works like no one knows. Not only this, but the power of the SwitchBot Curtain can even push up to 8 kg (17 pounds) of curtain!

Wireless Compact Design

The wireless compact design can fit any home styles. The unique 1 body + 2 hooks construction allows for easy one-step assembly, so you can take it off whenever you move or change your curtains.


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