SwitchBot Hub Mini

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Smarter than the average hub.

With Smart Learning mode, SwitchBot Hub Mini is able to learn and mimic signals from your existing remote control in just 5s. Meaning you’ll be able to consolidate a whole lot more remote controls and well, you know… get rid of all the others.

Voice control compatible.

SwitchBot Hub Mini works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri and other smart assistants too. You can now control your home appliances and other SwitchBot devices with simple voice commands, making life even more intuitive.

Complete control, no matter where you are.

Now you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to turn off appliances when you leave home. What’s more, should you want to turn off devices when you’re not around them, SwitchBot Hub Mini can help you can control your devices remotely with ease.

It’s. Just. Simple.

Smart Learning makes setting up your devices even easier. What’s more, it’s now as simple as one, two, three. Just point your remote towards Hub Mini and press any button and bingo! You’re good to go.

Mini, but massive.

SwitchBot Hub Mini might look small, but it sure packs a punch. It’s the perfect way to seamlessly connect your SwitchBot ecosystem and home appliances to the Internet, enabling you upgrade your home in a way that doesn’t affect everyday life.

Automate home life.

Set schedules and Scenes to automate your AC and SwitchBot Meter, SwitchBot Hub Mini can even help regulate room temperature and humidity to make sure you’re always sitting in an ideal condition.

Customer Reviews

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you can control all your devices

I enjoy every day these product open the TV my AC,FUN,HOME CINEMA even my RGB lights all that from my smartphone at any time.
Great product to make all your devices smarter.

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Jörg Förtsch
Super Gerät

Ein super Gerät schnell und gut

Needs “long press”

Works fairly well, but the time taken to e.g. reduce volume by 10 points via a ‘scene’ isn’t great. Need either a rapid signal fire option, or long “button press” option.

Alfred Chan
It’s a good buy after all.

I need time to learn how to master this gadget to be frank. But it’s very attractive to lay back on the sofa to turn on and off the TV. It also regulates the temperature of my air-conditioner.

Kev T
Curtain control - these 2 items give me full flexibility and control

Curtain rod openers, now fully automatic. Definitely recommended. Automatically close when it gets hot. Easy to fit.