SwitchBot Contact Sensor

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Sense door/window open and closed

Two components stand in line. With a detection range of up to 16.4 ft (5m), 90° horizontally, and 55° vertically. The magnet part needs to be aligned with the bottom of its main body, and the distance between the two components should be less than 1.2 inches (30mm).
*The data above is obtained from lab experiments conducted under 77°F (25°C)

Inform 24/7 Notification to Your Phone

Connected to SwitchBot Hub Mini, SwitchBot Contact Sensor pushes notifications to your phone when someone enters your home, when the window is open, or when your pet leaves the cage. With Contact Sensor on the door or window, your home security is taken care of by this watchful gadget and alerts will reach you in seconds even when you are far away.

Voice alarm from Alexa

SwitchBot Motion Sensor works perfectly with your smart home appliances as a security partner. Connected to SwitchBot Hub Mini, Alexa will alert you when a burglar is entering your home. If a suspicious person enters the house, Alexa will start an alarming voice to scare off the burglar.

Leaving home

With a built-in motion sensor, SwitchBot Contact Sensor can tell whether the user is leaving or entering the home when attached to the internal face of the door. Your smart home will conduct all scenes that you pre-set via the SwitchBot app as per both conditions automatically.
*Hub Mini required

Entering home

When the door is opened and you are sensed, you'll be determined as leaving home. Your light/AC/TV will be off automatically after you are away.
When the door is opened and nobody is sensed, you'll be determined as entering the home. Your light/AC/TV will be on automatically when you are home.

Place it anywhere in your home

Place it anywhere in your home.Small in size, easy to install, SwitchBot Contact Sensor can be placed on a refrigerator, pet cage, drawer, or a window to detect whether they are opened or closed. Make any object smarter by attaching a Contact Sensor to it!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kenneth Andison
Contact sensor

I tried other sensors but without any doubt the SwitchBot sensors are not only easier to connect they are a superior product. I would highly recommend this product

Giulio Amparore

100% ok and accordable. I'm looking forward. To. Buy thé new Indoor Camera, I hope it will be sold in Europe very soon!

Yann et Stauffer

Good product. I waiting more using with google assistant, like start a trigger to use routine. Currently i use only notifications, open close door, not action with this sensor

Philippe Rostin
Great but too Big

The unit works great and was a breeze to Set up. The only problem I see is that it is a bit big when compared to other brands. True thought that with a motion sensor inside it is unique.

Jan Kluth 50181369
Absolut genial

Schon lange war ich auf der Suche nach einer Möglichkeit meine Schiebegardinen smart zu machen. Und Switchbot macht die wirklich smart. Mega einfache Installation, sehr gut erklärte App. Und sehr starke Produkte. Ich hab nun 3 hubs, 2 Curtains, Türkontakt und Thermometer und steuere meine Fernseher und alle anderen Infrarot-Geräte wie Klimaanlage, Staubsaugerroboter per Sprache oder einfach automatisch. Und durch den Bot-bot kann ich sogar meinen Tee früh morgens automatisch genießen. Ganz klar Daumen hoch!