SwitchBot Contact Sensor

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It’s all about distance.

SwitchBot Contact Sensors is made up of two components that are fixed close to each other on things such as doors and windows. With a detection range of up to 16.4 ft (5m), 90° horizontally, and 55° vertically, any movements that your door or window makes can be detected to help notify you when contact takes place. Just simply align the magnet area with the bottom of SwitchBot Contact Sensor’s main body, and you’re good to go.

Get notifications around the clock.

When connected to SwitchBot Hub Mini, SwitchBot Contact Sensor can push notifications to your phone when someone enters your home, when the window is open, or when your pet leaves its cage. Simply place Contact Sensor on any door or window, and your home security will be taken care of thanks to this helpful first line of defense that can alert you in seconds even when you are away from home.

Take advantage of voice alarms.

When connected to SwitchBot Hub Mini, your smart voice assistant can alert you of events such as when someone enters you home, or when a door is opened. Keeping you on top of things at home no matter whether you’re in a separate room around the house, or when you’re outside.

Alexa and Google Home currently do not support Contact Sensor's light level sensor or motion features. However, this feature is currently supported by IFTTT.

Keeps your house safe when you leave home.

With its built-in motion sensor, SwitchBot Contact Sensor is able to tell when users have left or entered home when attached to the internal face of any door. When connected with a SwitchBot Hub Mini your smart home will then be able to start all your automated scenes that are pre-set via our app according to the conditions you have set.

Place it anywhere in your home.

Place our Contact Sensor anywhere in your home, it’s small in size, easy to install, and can be placed on just about anything including refrigerators, pet cages, drawers, or windows and doors to help detect when they are opened or closed.

Customer Reviews

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SwitchBot Contact Sensor

marco ontingco
if this is not the greatest contact sensor i dont know what is

works great as contact sensor but it doesn't end there. because it has motion sensor and light sensor you can setup different triggers and execute different routine using a single one of these. and those sticky tape is damn straight sticky, measure twice and stick once.

Angeloronzo Gagliardi
SwitchBot Contact Sensor

really great device, very responsive even in scenarios and communication with other ecosystems.

Door / window sensor

Great door sensor with multi functionality.

Frank Peterson
Great products

I love all your products. Works great especially if you don’t like to play with wires