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SwitchBot Hub (Japanese Market only)

$39.00 Regular Price
$19.00Sale Price

SwitchBot Hub is a Bluetooth access point and night light which connects SwitchBots to the Internet via Wi-Fi.


A Hub is necessary if you need to remotely control SwitchBots via the Internet, or you want to enjoy SwitchBots with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and IFTTT.

  • Estimated Dispatch Time

    Dispatched within 1 week. The actual delivery time depends on the shipping method chose.

  • Spec

    Power: 100V-240V~, 50/60 Hz

    Wireless: 802.11 b/g/n WiFi (2.4GHz), Bluetooth Low Energy with mesh support

    Distance between hub and devices: 80m in the open field

    Product size: 120mm x 78mm x 35mm

    Product weight: 73g

    Adaptor type: JP

  • Guarantee

    We have taken all the necessary steps to make sure SwitchBot will perform to the high standard we set for it. We have tested SwitchBot numerous times and we have quality control personnel on hand to test SwitchBot to make sure that they all work up to specifications.


    On the off chance that you should receive any SwitchBot that doesn't perform up to specifications, reach us via We will gladly replace it within 180 days of delivery once confirmed as defect. No returns. No refunds.


About us

SwitchBot is your simple switch to a smart home. With easy set-up, we help you to create a comfortable home with innovative smart home products.

We believe a smart home should be simple and comfortable. With the mission of making your life simpler in the most accessible way, SwitchBot is dedicated to creating and crafting the most innovative smart home products for you.


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