SwitchBot Lock Compatibility & Installation

Whether you forget to lock your door, lose your keys or need to let someone in while you're out, we've got you covered. SwitchBot Lock is designed to make your life simple and help you quickly smarter your original door lock.

 *Before buying, please check if SwitchBot Lock is compatible with your original door lock and if it can be used with your smartphone or Apple Watch.

1. General information about SwitchBot Lock.

Interior use only

The SwitchBot Lock is installed on the interior side of the door.

Use with various locks

The SwitchBot Lock can be adapted to various locks by changing accessories.

Any number of rotations

The SwitchBot Lock works no matter the number of locking rotations required.

Pair with Keypad

Pair with SwitchBot Keypad or Keypad Touch for an even better experience.

2. Identify the type of your door lock.

If your door lock is Deadbolt or Jimmy-Proof, please check compatibility by size or by model. If you are not sure about your door lock brands or if your door lock is special, please contact us and send us the door lock photo and size, we will be happy to help.






3. Checking lock brands and models.

If your door lock is in the list below, SwitchBot Lock can fit your door lock.

4. Measure your door lock.

If your Deadbolt or Jimmy-Proof door lock fits the dimensions below, the SwitchBot Lock will fit your door lock.




Installation Video

Compatible mobile devices

· Smartphone


· Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 2 or laterWatchOS 4.0+

Please note:

1. SwitchBot Lock is not recommended for use on doors that have been painted. 
2. If the above information still makes it difficult to determine if your door lock is compatible, please send the door lock photo and dimensions to suppor@switch-bot.com. We are happy to help you determine the fit of your door lock.