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Our next Flash Sale starts at 20:00 PDT on July 12th and continues on until 24:00 PDT.

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4-Pack Blind Tilt

Hub 2 + Blind Tilt Combo

The world's easiest solar-powered smart blinds.

$195.97  $279.96

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Bot Starter Combo (3).png__PID:0081ae95-de82-465f-9df0-e6bf6e1a4847

Bot Starter Combo

Bot Starter

Control switches remotely.

$51.74  $68.99

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Curtain 3 Hub Mini Matter Combo

Curtain 3 supports Matter and can be integrated with Apple HomeKit.

$167.98  $239.97

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秒杀 (1).png__PID:d26d865c-c989-4cf3-8523-48abb6d144ed

Curtain 3 Solar Matter Combo

Elevate your smart window treatment experience.

Elevate your smart window treatment experience.

$211.36  $301.95

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Limit one special offer product per order.

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SwitchBot S10 (7).png__PID:eaf00606-4a13-49d7-88cb-e2689ae415f6

SwitchBot S10

The most automated floor cleaning robot with a dual station design.

$799.99  $1199.99

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Lock Pro+Hub Mini Matter+Keypad Touch.png__PID:06064a13-99d7-48cb-a268-9ae415f65426

Lock Pro + Hub Mini Matter + Keypad Touch

Transform your lock into a smart one with 15 unlocking options.

$139.99  $199.99

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Universal Remote Control.png__PID:99d7c8cb-e268-4ae4-95f6-5426eab7a039

Universal Remote

One remote to rule them all.

$47.99  $59.99

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Water Leak Detector.png__PID:4a1399d7-c8cb-4268-9ae4-15f65426eab7

Water Leak Detector

Remotely monitor leaks from anywhere.

$43.18  $53.97

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1_1@3x (1).png__PID:3664b727-09f5-4ed2-bb17-9e3a7893edfd

Curtain 3

SwitchBot Curtain 3

A better smart curtain solution.

$67.49  $89.99

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1_1@2x (11).png__PID:d915349d-ff8c-496d-b146-78194d51717b

SwitchBot Lock Pro

A more pro kind of retrofit smart lock.

$83.99  $119.99

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1_1@2x (9).png__PID:3923f4c1-d915-449d-bf8c-296df1467819

Mini Robot Vacuum K10+

So small it can clean any corner with ease.

$319.99  $399.99

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1_1@2x (12).png__PID:349dff8c-296d-4146-b819-4d51717b41be

SwitchBot Blind Tilt

The world's easiest solar-powered smart blinds.

$52.49  $69.99

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1_1@2x (11).png__PID:d915349d-ff8c-496d-b146-78194d51717b

SwitchBot Lock Pro

A more pro kind of retrofit smart lock.

$83.99  $119.99

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1_1@2x (13).png__PID:ff8c296d-f146-4819-8d51-717b41be62e0

SwitchBot Hub 2

A 4-in-1 Hub that Matters.

$55.99  $69.99

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1_1@2x (26).png__PID:7478d741-ed47-47cf-a434-3c37c4b125d4

Hub Mini Matter Enabled

One app, multiple devices, complete control.

$47.99  $59.99

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1_1@2x (12).png__PID:349dff8c-296d-4146-b819-4d51717b41be

SwitchBot Blind Tilt

The world's easiest solar-powered smart blinds.

$52.49  $69.99

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1_1@2x (15).png__PID:42d9ced2-d592-4278-886e-cfcfe91b6ab4

SwitchBot Bot

Makes any switch smarter in seconds.

$23.99  $29.99

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1_1@2x (16).png__PID:ced2d592-a278-486e-8fcf-e91b6ab4fe61

Indoor/Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer

Monitor the environment around you.

$11.24  $14.99

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1_1@3x (7).png__PID:ab9c7308-cb1b-4a15-be0e-44ce2442cb57

SwitchBot Outdoor Spotlight Cam

See everything clearer,all in 1080P High-Definition.

$67.49  $89.99

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Save more on clearance items with 40% off.

Save more on clearance items
with 40% off.

1_1@2x (1).png__PID:5f400157-a3bc-4f84-a32f-cb96c890694e

SwitchBot Lock

Make your door lock smart without the need for tools.

$59.99  $99.99

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1_1@2x (2).png__PID:0157a3bc-2f84-432f-8b96-c890694ef1f0

SwitchBot Curtain 2

Transform your curtains into smart ones in just 30 seconds.

$53.40  $89.00

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1_1@2x (1).png__PID:179e3a78-93ed-4df8-ac0e-27c2b5488acb

SwitchBot Indoor Cam

Small in size,
captures everthing.

$17.99  $29.99

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1_1@2x (3).png__PID:a3bc2f84-a32f-4b96-8890-694ef1f044f5

SwitchBot Pan/Tilt Cam

360-degree indoor protection, no blind spots.

$23.99  $39.99

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1_1@2x (8).png__PID:a3345146-7475-429b-a519-ea29bf23768b

Solar Panel for Curtain 2

No manual recharging, save time and effort.

$11.40  $19.00

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1_1@3x (2).png__PID:f52ed27b-179e-4a78-93ed-fdf86c0e27c2

Smart Lock Starter Combo

Unlock doors without keys with our smart lock.

$83.99  $139.99

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1_1@2x (5).png__PID:9c98e4b5-73c3-4334-9146-7475f29b6519

Curtain Starter Combo

Remote or voice control your curtains with ease.

$125.99  $209.99

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1_1@3x (3).png__PID:d27b179e-3a78-43ed-bdf8-6c0e27c2b548

Solar Panel Combo

The ultimate solution for smart curtain control.

$61.79  $102.99

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Curtain 3 Solar Combo

Curtain 3 Solar Combo

Make your curtains smart and keep them powered in a more eco-friendly way.

$86.99  $115.98

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1_1@2x (19).png__PID:4137fc2f-da58-4712-ae29-168687888ac3

Curtain 3 Matter Combo

Curtain 3 Matter Combo

Control curtains with Apple Home, or even use your Apple Watch!

$187.48  $249.97

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1_1@2x (20).png__PID:122e2916-8687-488a-832c-b126a021edeb

Curtain 3 Solar Matter Combo

Use solar power and control your curtains remotely, now Matter supported.

$226.46  $301.95

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1_1@2x (21).png__PID:c7122e29-1686-4788-8ac3-2cb126a021ed

Complete Dual Curtain Solar Combo

Immerse yourself in absolute control and unmatched convenience.

$241.46  $321.94

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1_1@2x (22).png__PID:58c7122e-2916-4687-888a-c32cb126a021

Lock Pro Starter Combo

Unlock the future with a smart door lock and keyless entry experience.

$118.99  $169.99

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1_1@2x (23).png__PID:da58c712-2e29-4686-8788-8ac32cb126a0

Indoor/Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer Combo

Monitor indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity.

$74.98  $99.97

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1_1@2x (24).png__PID:2fda58c7-122e-4916-8687-888ac32cb126

Bot Starter Combo

Control switches remotely.

$55.19  $68.99

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1_1@2x (28).png__PID:ed47f7cf-e434-4c37-84b1-25d4b73dd4ac

Outdoor Spotlight Cam Combo

Monitor your surroundings 24/7 without the need for recharging.

$89.99  $119.99

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Hear it straight from our users.

channels4_profile (1).jpg__PID:09d4a10f-0f5b-44e3-9bed-eaac72a690ed

Paul Hibbert

247K subsrcibers

I have never seen a roller that drags the mess up into the unit instead of just smearing it around on the floor. And that's not all! The mop roller even scrubs itself clean while it's running. This is truly a stroke of genius.

maxresdefault (18).jpg__PID:9d8b8309-d4a1-4f0f-9b54-e39bedeaac72
unnamed (1).jpg__PID:a665a50d-e445-4d42-a86e-c3173265f506


27.7K subsrcibers

I can place the K10 Plus anywhere, including in the kitchen, which wouldn't be possible with other models as it would obstruct the opening of certain drawers. Another impressive advantage, which I find equally remarkable, is that the water station of the K10 Plus doesn't require a power cable.

maxresdefault (19).jpg__PID:ff31a665-a50d-4445-8d42-686ec3173265
unnamed (3).jpg__PID:fde68a9b-e976-4371-8e10-b3d6fc09b55e

Everything Smart Home

196K subsrcibers

But then I realized it's useful if you have your hands full carrying something to your car or whatever and you kind of just tap it with your elbow as you walk by to unlock or lock it which I do think is a neat feature.

maxresdefault (22).jpg__PID:1065fde6-8a9b-4976-a371-8e10b3d6fc09
unnamed (5).jpg__PID:b3d6fc09-b55e-44d0-a4ce-3492bfdfe3e2

Stu’s Reviews

133K subsrcibers

In terms of compatibility, the switchbot lock Pro will fit a much wider variety of locking mechanisms and cylinders because rather than replacing the cylinder the way this Lock Works is essentially by providing a robot that can turn your key in the lock.

maxresdefault (25).jpg__PID:8e10b3d6-fc09-455e-94d0-64ce3492bfdf
channels4_profile (2).jpg__PID:686ec317-3265-4506-b965-1093cc958c59

Smart Home Junkie

56K subsrcibers

I know of you can connect the auto fill and drain water station to your water supply and drain allowing the mob inside. The SwitchBot S10 stand to do its job automatically so you never have to refill water or clean your mob again.

maxresdefault (20).jpg__PID:cd42686e-c317-4265-b506-f9651093cc95
unnamed (2).jpg__PID:cc958c59-2246-4836-a080-8f5d8e4c6058

ModernDay Tech

26K subsrcibers

I did test out by putting some sauce down on my hardwood floor and weit for it to dry and then afterwards I looked at the roller head and it was completely clean. I couldn't believe it, it didn't even have to go back to the base station it was just a minute or two after it cleaned up the mess and the roller head was already clean.

maxresdefault (21).jpg__PID:f506f965-1093-4c95-8c59-224628366080
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