Dear SwitchBot Users,


SwitchBot has been successfully helping people make their homes smarter for the last 5 years, our products have been reviewed by people all over the world and won awards multiple times. We try to offer services that are intuitive, fun, but most of all, stable and reliable. This is why we were shocked when we heard reports on December 8th, 2021, that the cloud service we used had unexpectedly failed, resulting in some product functions becoming unavailable.


We use cloud services to enable our users to use services such as Alexa, Google Home, and so on. 


On December 8th, 2021 from 01:37 am PST to 7:43 am PST we experienced cloud service failure that happened due to an issue with AWS servers. In this short space of time, we received hundreds of inquiries asking why our products were offline, why people couldn’t log in, why weren’t remotes working, and why were users receiving error codes.


Upon investigation, we discovered that server issues had generally started to resume back to normal, however, due to heavy service congestion caused by the number of users on our server, things got a bit congested. This led to increased waiting times for users looking to get back online with their devices, this lasted for around the rest of the day on December 8th, from 07:43 am to 9:59 pm PST.


This was devastating to us, and to our SwitchBot community also, but we tried everything to the best of our ability to get everyone back up online as fast as possible with the means that we had at the time.


We’re now looking to improve the robustness of our service system design, and will look to increase the limit of other critical bottleneck services to make sure that our services stay both secure, and reliable.


We're truly sorry for all the inconvenience caused and appreciate your proactive feedback and understanding.


We hope that you will continue to love our products and services, just as much as we value every single one of you.