Bot Combo

SwitchBot smart button pusher makes it easy to retrofit your original light switch. SwitchBot Bot combo supports timing, remote control, and voice control. Helps you create a smart living environment....
$98.99 $94.00

Welcome Home Combo

With SwitchBot Welcome Home Combo, enjoy a smart life as soon as you get home. When the contact sensor attached to the door detects that you are home, the lights...
$290.99 $266.00

Solar Panel Combo

The combo includes a smart curtain and a solar panel. Once the solar panel is attached to the curtain, your smart curtain can continue to work without the need to...
$118.00 $112.00

Curtain Starter Combo

$237.00 $215.00

SwitchBot LED Strip Light Combo (US Only)

SwitchBot Smart LED Strip Light Combo makes your indoor lighting bright. With Smart Strip Lights, you can make your home more colorful and fun. Pair with Smart Home Kit, you...
$44.98 $42.00

Lock Combo

Smart locks are secure and easy to install. SwitchBot Lock supports a smart keyless lock for your home security. It can work with App control, voice control, and remote control...
$237.99 $226.00
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