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Umut Bayrak
Nice product!

Love the Switchbot in combination with mu Google Home. U can set timers etc. The installation and calibration is easy! Love this product. Good quality for the pricetag! Will definitly buy 2/3 more

Waking up with sunshine

The luxury of waking up with sunshine in the summer is just amazing.

At first I had some doubts about the product. Is it going to fit my U-rail or not? But it fits perfectly, the curtain robot can handle my heavy darkening curtains but I had to make an adjustment to the part of the rail that is extended. Because the hooks were get stuck. But now it’s working perfectly.

Kenneth Andison
SwitchBot curtain openers

The product is easy to set up and install . It works best on metal poles for eyelet curtains as I found out by replacing the original wooden pole on which the motors struggled to complete the closing function. Heavy curtains and with an opening of 1.5m or more may need an additional motor placed half way along to ease the weight on a single motor, but overall I am delighted with the product and having its own hub is good also. The temperture and humidity meters are handy also I have 3 spaced around the home and it helps you to better regulate and manage your utility bills and helps you distribute or adjust the heating in specific areas. I am considering installing a few more curtain motors on other windows after I continue my trials for a short period longer, but overall delighted with the SwitchBot smart products purchased to date with a quick delivery from them

Great product

This is the greatest idea I've ever seen on the smart curtain solutions. Super easy to install, and they work great so far. After a month of usage, the battery life dropped 10%~20% depends on the curtain size and the frequency of the usage. My bots' running length from 50 cm to 170 cm, and open/close 2~10 times a day. I rate this curtain 5 star even there are still some aspects could be improved.
1. The motor power could be bigger to pull heavy curtains more smoothly;
2. The noise level could be lower by using low speed motor, witch is better for the bedrooms. The silent mode is basically useless because the reduced motor power can not even pull out a small curtain;
3. The BLE mesh networking is kind of not working properly. I have to buy 2 SwitchBot hubs because one hub could not reach all the bots even they are no more than 5 meters apart;
4. Need a curtain remote with pause button/function. The current available remote only has open/close button.

Victor Vargas
Es lo que esperaba

Pensé que no tendría la fuerza para mover mis cortinas térmicas por lo gruesas que son pero al final sí que lo tuvo. Tuve que limpiar muy bien el tubo para que la fricción fuera menor pues no lo hacia en años y quedó estupendamente. Sin duda lo recomiendo!