SwitchBot Curtain - Make your curtains smart in seconds, affordable retrofit solution to automate your existing curtains. Supports Google Home, Alexa, Siri,IFTTT

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*U Rail Type is coming soon.

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SwitchBot Bot

The Iconic Button Presser.

SwitchBot Hub Mini

Your 'Mini' Step to a Smart Home.

SwitchBot Meter

Monitor and Track Temperature and Humidity Easily

SwitchBot Humidifier

Breathe Easier and Feel Smarter

🗨 Hey, Make me a coffee and turn on the Aircon.

*Our products support all of the following. (SwitchBot Hub Mini may be required)

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You need this.

Every damn day, I pull up to my garage, get out, unlock the front gate, walk down a hall, open the garage door side entrance, press the button to open the garage, walk out garage, get in car, drive forward, get out, push button to close the garage... EVERY DAY.... Until now.

Brilliant. Fills the gaps in my smart home.

As a Smart Home enthusiast, this device is amazing. It literally makes all the dumb appliances smart without the hassle of in depth configurations and or replacing perfectly fine appliances for flashy new ones just so you can control it by voice or app.

I recommend

I use three of these and love them. They have the ability to data log, have good displays and appear to be accurate. I have compared temps and humidity amongst themselves and vs a calibrated thermometer/ hydrometer and readings were all close.


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