SwitchBot Hub Mini

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Easy Setup for Your Convenience

With "Smart Learning" mode, the Hub Mini can learn and mimic signals from your existing remote control in 5s. You can through away all the remotes.

Activate the Voice Control

Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri and other integrations. Control your home appliances and other SwitchBot devices with a simple voice command.

Control, Whenever and Wherever You Are

You will NEVER forget to turn off the appliances when you go out. It’s like you were at home even if you are far away.

Smart Learning Made Easy

Set up is as simple as one-two-three. Point your remote towards Hub Mini and press any button. Then bingo!

A Mini Step to a Smart Home

A seamless way to connect the SwitchBot ecosystem and home appliances to the Internet. Upgrade to a smart home with little change.

Schedule to Home Automation

Set schedules and Scenes to automate your AC and SwitchBot Metr, the Hub Mini helps regulate the temperature and humidity to keep your property in ideal condition.

Customer Reviews

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Useful but not enough

It is useful for IR remote but not wireless.
Cause I have a wireless lamp.
Hope will be supported in new model.


SwitchBot Hub Mini

I love my new gadgets 😄👌🏼

Great product. I love playing with them, and impressing my family and friends with this technology.

My only complaint is is that the switch bot adhesive didn’t quite stick, and I’m not confident it will hold in the coming weeks, months.
It would be advantageous if it could be screwed into place instead


SwitchBot Hub Mini

Hub Mini & Curtain

Bought a pair SwitchBot curtain and a hub mini. The curtain work well with hub mini to integrate with google. As for using hub mini as a remote, it is a good feature but expect some functions will be missing. I've setup the hub to control the Bose SoundTounch 300 soundbar. While the power on/off and volume setting are working well, switching mode (i.e. TV/HDMI/Bluetooth/Radio etc.) does not work. Also, it is not consistent performance for my aircon and I need to relearn the remote several times to make it works. Maybe it is not the fault of SwitchBot but it is just a point for SwitchBot to consider for further improvement.