SwitchBot Thermometer & Hygrometer

Monitor and track your home temperature and humidity easily.


Easy way to monitor and track

Unbox it, put in the batteries, and the Meter senses right away. Check out temperature and humidity at a glance with the clear and high-resolution LED screen.

The Meter stands upright for tabletop use. It also features a wall-mountable design and magnetic back, allowing the Meter to be mounted quickly and conveniently in any room.

Remotely monitor your home environment with the SwitchBot App. Open the app, and connect the Meter by simply press and hold the button on the back. 

Be promptly alerted

SwitchBot Meter is monitoring your home environment 24/7 so you don't have to.

Set an alert. You'll be promptly alerted once the temperature or humidity exceeds the set value. The Meter alerts when you are near via Bluetooth. With the SwitchBot Hub, you can be alerted from anywhere through the Internet.*

For your baby: alert you when the reading is out of range with the "baby room" Meter, so you can keep your baby away from the flu.

For outdoor exercise: notify you while the reading is in range with the "balcony" Meter, so you know it is the best time to step out for an outdoor yoga session.

* Note: For Android devices, a SwitchBot Hub is required for app push notification.

Always accurate monitoring that you can trust

Our Swiss-made sensing component provides careful and accurate monitoring that you can trust.

Your valuable collections like cigars, wine, artwork, musical instruments needs and deserves proper temperature and humidity.

Get a SwitchBot Meter to keep your valuables safe by monitoring and maintaining proper environmental conditions.

Technical Spec: 

  • Resolution: 0.1°C/0.1°F, 1%RH

  • Temperature Range: -20°C~80°C (-4°F~176°F)

  • Temperature Accuracy (-20°C~0°C/-4°F~32°F): ±0.4°C/±0.7°F typical, ±0.7°C/±1.3°F maximum

  • Temperature Accuracy (0°C~65°C/32°F~149°F): ±0.2°C/±0.4°F typical, ±0.4°C/±0.7°F maximum

  • Temperature Accuracy (65°C~80°C/149°F~176°F): ±0.3°C/±0.5°F typical, ±0.6°C/±1.1°F maximum

  • Humidity Range:  0~99%RH

  • Humidity Accuracy (25°C/77°F, 10%~90%RH): ±2% typical, ±4.5% maximum

  • Humidity Accuracy (25°C/77°F, 0%~10%, 90%~99%RH): ±4% typical, ±7.5% maximum

Keep track of your home conditions ever better

SwitchBot Meter always maintains the most recent 36 days of data inside.

With a SwitchBot Hub, the App can store data from the Meter permanently. The App provides a concise graph with daily / weekly / monthly filters for tracking the change of the temperature and humidity. You can also export the data you care to CSV for use. 

For maximum peace of mind, add a SwitchBot Hub for constant access and know the exact conditions at home from anywhere, via the Internet.

Invest in a SwitchBot Meter to keep your garden or your greenhouse at proper temperature and humidity.

Even better with a SwitchBot Hub

Add a SwitchBot Hub for constant remote monitoring and enable Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT services.
Like casting a spell, you can always ask like "Alexa, what's the temperature of the living room?" Say goodbye to the old-school weather report in your city.

Set up a scene with the SwitchBot App, so SwitchBot products can all work together for home automation. When a temperature or humidity condition is met, turn on your air conditioner or dehumidifier, regardless it is infrared controlled (by SwitchBot Hub Plus, the all-in-one smart infrared remote) or mechanically switched (by SwitchBot, the switch and button pusher).


Integrate the Meter with IFTTT service, customize your own applets, you can automate your home with thousands more smart home gadgets!


Think about not only the temperature and humidity monitoring for pet reptiles and amphibians, but also a self-organized terrarium system. Your cute hedgehog is your friendly companion all the winter, so please offer him a cozy smart home.So, get a SwitchBot Meter and start your innovative DIY journey.

SwitchBot Thermometer & Hygrometer

Monitor and track your home temperature and humidity easily.




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