SwitchBot Motion Sensor

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Sense your movements

With a detection range of up to 30 ft (9m), 110° horizontally, and 55° vertically, it can detect your body movements in a wide area.
Don't worry about the perpetual notifications pushed to your phone, you can customize the sensitivity settings yourself!

Table lamp turned off when lightness sensed

Light sensor is used to detect whether it is bright or dark in a target environment. You can define the threshold for being bright or dark in the SwitchBot app.
Connected to a SwitchBot Hub Mini (sold separately), your Motion Sensor can automatically turn the desk lamp* off when it senses lightness.

Table lamp turned on when darkness sensed

Connected to a SwitchBot Hub Mini (sold separately), your Motion Sensor can automatically turn the desk lamp* on when it senses darkness.
*Hub Mini only supports IR appliances

Place it anywhere in your home

SwitchBot Motion Sensor can be placed anywhere in your home. Without the base, you can place it directly on a table/shelf; with the base, you can attach it to a magnetic object or, stick it to a flat surface using 3M Adhesive Pads.
*Make sure the lens is facing towards the desired area and placed close to the edge of the table/shelf.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Matteo C.
Not so quick

It s small, light and works with battery, but the sensibility isn t so high to detect people and if i use it to turn on the lights when i enter in the room, it takes about 6 seconds.. it s a bit too much

Steve Hamel
Good, but sometime the switch does not work

I use it to control my heat-pump, I automated the start and stop using the thermostat, sometime the bot just don't press the button. I have a hub near the button. If you need it to open light/close light it will work fine, IF the light does not open, just repeat the operation, but with an heat-pump, without human intervention, this is not 100% reliable.

Kevin Bailey

Works really well with no issues

Stephen Hamilton
Good product some delay

Overall it is doing what I need it to do extremely happy. It seems a bit slowy sending a signal but that may be because it's currently using Bluetooth not internet, need to buy more

Motion sensor s

Got a motion sensor for one of my balconies and it's connected to a bot which is attached to an emergency bell which is located downstairs ( for my mom's use) Works as intended. I can schedule the bot to only press the bell on a daily schedule (at night). I also like the fact that the motion sensor runs on 2 AAA batteries. No wiring needed. Good job!