Aug 23, 2017

Control SwitchBot on your Raspberry Pi!

Aug 23, 2017

Please note the github project is out of date currently. You guys need to use lescan to get the MAC address of the device you would like to control then control it directly.

Isabella Gross Alström
Jan 14, 2018Edited: Jan 18, 2018

Hi! I would very much like to integrate your bot into Home Assistant ( as a switch platform. To do that it requires that the code is a PyPi package. Is that something you would be interested in doing? Or is it okay if I have a go at it?


Edit: nvm, I managed.

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    Mar 12

    SwitchBot Alexa skill (SwitchBot Smart) is now available. Feel free to try, our friends.
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    Jan 28

    Dear SwitchBot users, SwitchBot warehouse shipping service is affected by the coming holiday in Hong Kong. Shipping service might be delayed until Feb 10th, Sunday. If you need any SwitchBot urgently, try to get it on Amazon US, JP, UK, and other counties in Europe. We appreciate your assistance as always! SwitchBot Team
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    Mar 5

    Hi there, We are happy to share with you a new product, SwitchBot Hub Plus, is now available in our store. SwitchBot Hub Plus makes your old appliances like air conditioners, TVs smart instantly. SwitchBot Hub Plus is a Bluetooth access point which connects SwitchBots to the Internet via Wi-Fi. It works like SwitchBot Hub so you have no need to place two things in your room. Then it is an all-in-one remote controller which works with over 4,500 different brands in 14 catalogs. It can replace the remotes to your TV & projectors, cable & satellite boxes, air conditioners, cameras, DVD players, fans, speakers or just about any other device that you can think of that is infrared controlled. Moreover, it can learn and mimic signals from an existing remote. More info about the Hub Plus: You could now pre-order the Hub Plus: First come, first served! We will dispatch it within 2 weeks one by one. Use the coupon code of MyFirstPlus to get a surprising discount for the first 50 users. Your SwitchBot Team

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