Voice Control

“Alexa, turn off the bedroom light.”

"Alexa, turn on Bedroom light" or "turn off the TV"

When SwitchBot and Amazon Alexa work together, you bring the power of voice to home automation center.

"Alexa, turn on Bedroom light" can turn on your bedroom light, lower your window shades, open the office door and even wake up to coffee in the morning. 


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Google Assistant/Home

SwitchBot is compatible with the Google Assistant via Google Home, Pixel and other eligible Android Devices.
"Hey Google, ask SwitchBot to turn on Bedroom light"

Siri Shortcuts / HomePod

With iOS 12.1 or later, SwitchBot users can ask Siri to do all of the amazing things they already do with the SwitchBot App just by using the voice and your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, HomePod.

Control all your SwitchBot-linked devices using Siri. “Hey Siri, good night!”, and all your lights and TV are turned off. Has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

If This Then SwitchBot

IFTTT allows users to create applets which, in turn, create preferences for your home’s SwitchBots. For example: “If I walk into the hallway, then turn on the lights.” or “If my alarm clock rings, then brew coffee.” These applets can be created in the SwitchBot app. Once made, SwitchBots will complete the task without any prompting.
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How to connect

Bluetooth/HTTP APIs

We have open projects aim to provide a super light-weight solution to control your SwitchBot on Raspberry Pi/OpenWRT or any other Linux based board.

Check our git repo here.

Direct integrations with SmartThings/Wink/Nest are coming.


About us

SwitchBot is your simple switch to a smart home. With easy set-up, we help you to create a comfortable home with innovative smart home products.

We believe a smart home should be simple and comfortable. With the mission of making your life simpler in the most accessible way, SwitchBot is dedicated to creating and crafting the most innovative smart home products for you.


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