SwitchBot Smart Humidifier(US Only)

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Why Smart Humidifier

Only 3 steps to set up your SwitchBot Smart Humidifier.Works with Amazon Echo devices, Google Nest products and Apple HomePod.

Works with SwitchBot Family

The humidifier will work with the Meter (SwitchBot Hub device required) with the scene feature in-app, With the humidity change the Humidifier will run automatically.

Powerful Performance with Large Tank

With a 3.5L/0.9gal water tank, SwitchBot Humidifier can work up to 48 hours. Releasing 220ml mist per hour max, quickly humid your room to a comfortable environment.

Top-fill Design and Easy to Clean

Simple for regular cleaning,with a ceramic cleaning filter that can absorb impurities in water, the Humidifier can ensure the mist is clean and good for your health.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
What an amazing simple product!

I use this in my grow tent and it’s nice to set it and forget it, or modify it when I’m not home. I just wish it held more water! Great product - I bought two!

Darren Lee
My first actually smart humidifier.

This really made my life easier. As whenever I forgot to on/refill my manual small capacity humidifier, I wake up the next morning with dry throat and irritated skin. The smart feature to ensure humidity stay a comfortable level and don’t need manually on off and constant refill

Frederic Chevallier

Cet humidificateur est à la fois ergonomique et efficace. Je le conseille à tous ceux qui souhaitent en avoir un (ou plusieurs) chez lui !

Scott H
Best Humidifier I ever owned

Love this little thing, smart and efficient. Pair it with a Switchbot Temp Meter, set your Humidity upper & lower limits and it runs on/off by itself. Hope they make more of these soon I have a friend who wants one.


The best smart humidifier out there. Works without any issues. Filter replacements are a bit tricky to track down, but I’m sure that’s just a sign of the times and won’t be an ongoing issue. Switchbot does smart products right. Can’t wait to try their other products (when my wallet allows) 5 stars!