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Makes your curtains smart in seconds.

SwitchBot Curtain can be attached to a huge range of curtains to help make them smart with a simple 30-second installation that doesn’t require any tools. After installation, you’ll be able to open and close your curtains automatically either via our app, or by using schedules to determine when your curtains will open or close.

As easy as 1, 2, 3.

Thought installation would be a bother? Well, think again! It couldn’t be easier. With our unique award-winning mechanical design, it takes just 30 seconds to set up, yes, just 30 seconds!

Made with an award-winning design.

We love our SwitchBot Curtain design, both on the inside, and outside too. Over the past few years we’ve won awards from Good Design and IDEA and have been hailed the World’s First Retrofit Smart Curtain Solution. But, we hate to brag so come take a look for yourself!

Fits any type of curtain rails.

Whatever type of curtain rail you’re using at home, we’ve generally got something that can fit. Whether it’s U-shaped, I-shaped or you’re using a Rod, SwitchBot Curtain can always fit. Make sure you select the right type of rail when purchasing and measure the dimensions of your curtain rail so that SwitchBot Curtain is able to work smoothly on your curtains.

Meet the SwitchBot Curtain U Rail 2, now even better.

In order to improve the adaptability of SwitchBot Curtain, we've made a device that is now suitable for even more different U-shaped rails at home. Say hello to the all-new Curtain U Rail 2.

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Support for Curtain U Rail

Check the measurement icon on the right to make sure your U Rail track meets the correct dimension requirements.

Support for Curtain I Rail

Check the icon on the left here to see if Curtain I Rail is compatible, please note country variations may affect installation, you can check our compatibility guide here.

Support for Curtain Rod.

Check out the measurement icon on the right here to see if Curtain Rod is the right device for you.

When using Curtain Rod please check the following to make sure you check the following.

SwitchBot Curtain Rod supports the following Rod styles:

Ring Top
Back Tab
Tab Top

When using Grommet style curtains our Grommet Kit may be required to complete installation, you can find it here.
Please note: Rod Pocket curtain designs are currently not supported.

Open your curtains with just one touch.

On the couch? Got into bed and forgot to close your curtains before you go to sleep ? Just simply open our app, and with the touch of a button SwitchBot Curtain will be able to close automatically. What’s more, by adding SwitchBot Hub Mini to your smart home environment you can even control your curtains when you 1000 miles away from home, or by using simple voice commands using Alexa, Google Assistant, or even Siri.

Set the scene when using Smart Voice Assistants.

SwitchBot Curtain works perfectly when integrated into your smart home, especially when used with SwitchBot Hub Mini. You can set up different scenarios such as “Movie Night” via our app, and transform your living room into a movie theater with just one simple voice command.

Get a SwitchBot Hub Mini, use your voice command to control your curtains with Google, Alexa, Siri and other integrations. Set up a “Movie” scene on your phone , instantly transform your to a movie theater

Wake up feeling refreshed.

Struggling with alarms in the morning? Let SwitchBot Curtain help you wake up in a more natural way. Set a schedule via our app and your curtains can automatically open before your alarm goes off.

Struggling with the alarms in weekdays’ morning? Let the SwitchBot Curtain save you. Set up a schedule on your phone, your curtains will be automatically opened before your alarm goes off.

We can help you save energy too!

With the help of our built-in sunlight sensor, your curtains can be set to close during the day in summer, which can help block out sunlight to save on air-conditioning. Or you can set your curtains to open during the day time in winter allowing you to enjoy a warmer room for when you come back home.

With the help of the built-in sunlight sensor, your curtains can be set to close during the daytime in summer, blocking out the sunlight to save the air-conditioning. Set the curtain open during the day time in winter, you will enjoy a warm room off the w

Battery life that’s made to last.

Equipped with a rechargeable battery, SwitchBot Curtain features a built-in battery that can be used for 8 months. You can also use this in conjunction with our SwitchBot Solar Panel, meaning you’ll never have to charge again when attached to SwitchBot Curtain.

Equipped with a rechargeable battery, it can last 8 months depending on the usage. Plus, there’s an optional SwitchBot Solar Panel, once plugged in the SwitchBot Curtain, you will never have to recharge again.

Click anywhere to control.

Grab a SwitchBot Remote and you’ll be able to use shortcuts no matter where you are when at home but controlling your curtains with just one simple click.

Get SwitchBot Remote so you can use

Made to be more sensitive.

Even when installed, you may still find yourself wanting to draw your curtains by hand. When SwitchBot Curtain senses any form of pulling, it will auto-start and do the rest of the work for you.

Even with SwitchBot Curtain, you'd probably still instinctively draw the curtains by hand. When SwitchBot Curtain senses your little pull, it will kick in and do the rest of work for you, so-called Touch & Go. 

Two’s company.

Do you have curtains that are double-sided? No worries we’ve got you, simply buy a SwitchBot Curtain Starter Pack and you’ll be good to go as soon as your products arrive.

You can get SwitchBot Curtain Starter Pack (two units) so to open and close your double-sided curtains from the middle. By just a simple setup in the App, two curtains will run as one on the track. 

Supports curtains up to 8 kilograms.

With its intuitive palm-sized body, our device can hide behind any curtain with ease and works discreetly to stay out of the way and
won't interfere with any home. Not only this, but we can even push up to 8kg (17lbs) worth of curtain, yikes!

SwitchBot Curtain has a palm-sized body, it can be nicely hidden behind your curtains and works like no one knows. Not only this, but the power of the SwitchBot Curtain can even push up to 8 kg (17 pounds) of curtain

Made to be compact.

SwitchBot Curtain is wireless, compact, and perfect for any home. It features a unique 1 bodied dual hook design that allows for easy setup and you can assemble or disassemble whenever you want, hassle free.

Customer Reviews

Based on 444 reviews
Ahmad Adil
Great product with superb support

This is a great addition to my smart home. Good product quality, easy to install and operate and great battery live. Its integrate well with Smartthings and Alexa using the Hub mini. The tech support are helpful and quick to resolve any issues.

The only issue are the solar panel. Their solar panel only shipped with the cable length of 60cm, which can't be use in my home which need at least 1.5 metres cable length from the rail to get to the sun light. It would be great if they make a solar panel with removable cable since the length from the rail and windows are not standardised.

Chad Pettingill
Great overall with one hangup

This is my second purchase of this product, however this time I bought two together. They are easy to install, easy to calibrate, and overall a great addition to my smart home. My only hang up is that when I ask my Google Home to close them all, they all start moving at least 2-5 seconds after the initial one has started. It makes it a bit awkward when showing it off but other than that, great product!

Kyle Tsai
Ordinary Curtains Automated

The Switchbot Curtains are an amazing addition to any home. I recently started turning my home into a smart home and these were an excellent addition. My curtains are in a somewhat hard to reach area, so having them be able to open automatically at anytime with the push of a button using the Switchbot Remote or through voice using voice assistants such as Apple’s Siri, Amazon Alexa, or Google is awesome. I have all three. To take it a step further, you can schedule the curtains to open and close at a specified time automatically as well. They come in different configurations including U-Rail, I-Rail, or Rod, and can be tucked behind your curtains when attached to look near. I also like that you can pair two Switchbot Curtains together to open curtains from the middle and adjust how far they go. I have had the curtains for about 2 months now and the battery life on these is still strong. Switchbot says that they need to be charged once every 8 months, but I like these so much. I am strongly considering getting the Switchbot solar panels that connect to the curtains which will virtually insure that they never run out of power. If you have curtains that you love and want to automate, I would highly recommend the Switchbot Curtains. Make your ordinary curtains automatic!

So much easier to wake up!

I have wished for years for something like Switchbot. I am the kind of person who NEEDS sun to wake up. But I also need blackout curtains to sleep - you see the predicament. Automatic curtains used to be insanely expensive - four digits to start. I have a wakeup light but it just isn't the same. The Switchbots are awesome and make waking up so much easier. They work perfectly and the solar panels mean I never have to worry about charging. These are just a genius idea. The one improvement I'd suggest is to make two switchbots work together instead of each working separately. I'd like to press a button to open and close both at once vs. One at a time. Even when I set them to open at a certain time, they still don't open in tandem. I also bought buttons hoping I could open and close the curtains if my phone wasn't nearby. But you would need two buttons for that. Kind of silly.
But that is a small, minor issue and likely related to me not having Alexa.
I do love these and would but them again in a heartbeat.

Piyush Soni
SwitchBot curtain rod is good one.

Must have for your smart home to automate your curtains. It would be great if the add HomeKit integration also. Now using Siri shortcut to run this.