SwitchBot Curtain

Get to know SwitchBot Curtain.

Determine your curtain rail type to help when buying the right SwitchBot Curtain. The how-to video below is also here to help you install your SwitchBot Curtain quickly.

Determine your curtain rail type.

1. Check your curtain rails to find out which type of SwitchBot curtain you should buy.

Curtain Rod Rail

Curtain U Rail

Curtain I Rail

Check curtain compatibility. 

2. Measure the size of your curtain rail to check if SwitchBot Curtain fits.

How to set up and install SwitchBot Curtain.

Watch these videos to get set up easily and quickly.

SwitchBot Curtain Rod

SwitchBot Curtain U Rail 2

SwitchBot Curtain Rod 2

SwitchBot Curtain I Rail

Combine with other SwitchBot products and save more.

See which products work with SwitchBot Curtain to help make life even smarter.

Get even more options when controlling.

2 x Curtain (Rod2 / U Rail 2 / I Rail) + Hub Mini

From $206.00 $217.00

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Help extend battery life by using solar power.

Curtain (Rod2 / U Rail 2 / I Rail) + Solar Panel

From $103.00 $108.00

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A more cost-effective Combo.

4 x Curtain (Rod2 / U Rail 2 / I Rail) + 2 x Hub Mini

From $412.00 $434.00

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