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Our Story


Our co-founder and CEO, Connery, has been the in IoT industry specializing in smart home for years.

One night after reading before sleeping, he realized that he cannot even turn off his bedroom light and close his curtain on the bed. This led to the team evaluating all kinds of self-proclaimed smart switches and curtains in the market.

Our first thought was to have a robot butler. Yet, the reality is that despite years of robots making the news, we have not seen a real robot that in our homes. Thus, we began our adventure to create a useful, simple and convenient bot.

SwitchBot is the fruit of our labor. With this product philosophy in mind, we strive to create more products that will help our users save time, effort and money spent on hiring professionals for installation.

Our Mission:

SwitchBot is your simple switch to a smart home. With easy set-up, we help you to create a comfortable home with innovative smart home products.

We believe a smart home should be simple and comfortable. With the mission of making your life simpler in the most accessible way, SwitchBot is dedicated to creating and crafting the most innovative smart home products for you.