SwitchBot Hub Mini

Easy Setup for Your Convenience

With "Smart Learning" mode, the Hub Mini can learn and mimic signals from your existing remote control in 5s. You can through away all the remotes.

Support Voice Control

Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri. Control your home appliances and other SwitchBot devices with a simple voice command.

Schedule and Home Automation

Set schedules and Scenes to automate your AC and SwitchBot Smart Humidifier. With SwitchBot Thermometer & Hygrometer, the Hub Mini helps regulate the temperature and humidity to keep your property in ideal condition.

A Mini Step to a Smart Home

A seamless way to connect the SwitchBot ecosystem and home appliances to the Internet. Upgrade to a smart home with little change.

Control, Whenever and Wherever You Are

You will NEVER forget to turn off the appliances when you go out. It’s like you were at home even if you are far away.

Smart Learning Made Easy

Set up is as simple as one, two and three. Point your remote towards your Hub Mini and press any button. Then bingo!

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Simple way to add IR control to Alexa!

I have been using the SwitchBot Hub Plus for a year. The SwitchBot Hub Mini now has the same function in a smaller, compact package without the flashing lights. It was easy to add my TV IR remote to the app. I can control the TV (mainly power, volume up/down and mute) from the app and with Alexa through the Echo. I am a quadriplegic so this adds to my independence.

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This is the BEST of ALL the IR Blasters - more sophisticated and amazing technical support!

Although this product is called a 'hub" by Switchbot, it is primarily the most sophisticated of all the IR Blasters I have tried. It's "learning mode" for appliances not in their database works much more reliably than any other IR Blasters I have tried and, unlike many other extremely frustrating IR Blasters, its accompanying software enables you to convert "learned" IR buttons into "scenes" which can be found and recognized by Alexa and thus triggered by verbal commands; then, using Alexa routines you can create plain-English, easy to remember non-cryptic voice commands. In addition, my experience with other IR Blasters is that technical support is virtually non-existent, whereas I received personal responses and advice from the SwitchBot company itself, in most cases within 24 hours. When I first heard the name "SwitchBot" I thought only of their tiny little robotic finger but now see that this company is making new inroads in home automation.

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A must for the home!

This is super easy and intuitive and it works with all the devices in our home. We connected it with a few switches and it was super easy! Just make sure you have a power to usb piece to plug it into the wall. Overall a must for any smart home!

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