Jun 10, 2018

Switch-bot with Intercom Button




Hi everyone,


any idea if the SwitchBot will work to push the second button on my apartment intercom (this rather small button when pressed once will open the remote gate of my apartment building to allow access) ?


it would be absolutely wonderful to be able to use this to allow deliveries to my apartment remotely when i am not home !


Jun 20, 2018

Hi there,


The challenge you have is placing the SwitchBot where it can reliably depress the button. The reach of the swing arm is not long and usually the type of button used on your intercomm really need to be pressed in the centre. Here's a picture of one of mine fitted to a washing machine...



As you can see, it is butted right up against the "START" button - and centered. This works great. If you can operate your button by pressing the right hand side then you may be able to mount the bot to the right of the intercomm - but you'll need to fix it to something which means the bot is level with the surface of the intercomm.


A word of warning - the 3M tape is STRONG! you only have one chance of placing the bot as it is pretty much impossible to move once attached.


Hope that helps.

Jun 22, 2018

Thanks for the reply Starchild.

I received my Switchbot and hub day after i saw your comment.

You are right, the only way to press the small Intercom button is to affix the Bot level with the surface of the intercom. I used the styrofoam that came with all the packaging of the hub and bot to create a sort of mount onto which the bot can be affixed. Its all held up with 3M removable double sided tape. Its a bit unsightly from the side view but i guess i comfort myself that i reused the packaging materials.

It was tough getting the bot to be exactly level with the intercom, even 1mm - 2mm taller or shorter than the intercom level and even though the bot does press onto the side of the button, it does not actually activate the button.

And the action of the bot pushing the button causes the bot to be lifted a little away from the mount and if the foam tape doesnt hold up, after pressing the button once, the bot will be out of position and wont work ubtil realigned.

Now i just hope all the 3M tape holds up.

Took a bit of effort but i guess it was worth it.


Jun 22, 2018

The rather unsightly side view


Jun 24, 2018

Congratulations yvlee - a true proof of concept!

First comes the learning - aesthetics can be improved later ;-)


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