Feb 14, 2018

Speed and latency?


If possible, I would like to get some insight into the following:


1. How fast are consecutive presses?


From the videos, I can tell that the arm comes down and back up in about 1 sec. Can it press a switch repeatedly like that every second for another three or four presses? Or do you have to wait a few seconds in between?


2. How exact can the timing be for staggered presses with multiple Switch Bots?


If I wanted to trigger two Switch Bots in quick succession and in order, could I achieve this by setting the first one to trigger at 9:00:00 and the second one at 9:00:01 (with the API, I’d assume)?

Feb 17, 2018

Hi Langsam,


1. How fast are consecutive presses?

We don't have to wait for a few seconds in between. The only limitation is the arms takes a little more than 1 sec to comes down and back up. This is the speed as per current design limitation.


2. How exact can the timing be for staggered presses with multiple Switch Bots?

The build-in timers are now implemented as in minute unit, e.g. triggers at 9:00 and 9:01, but not in second unit as you described.


Every time we issue a command to press/lift the arm, the SwitchBot will send wireless signal back to App/API server end to notify that the operation was successful or not. Until the confirmation signal or time-out, the new command will not take effect to the arm. This is the design to gareentee the user experience.


Hope the info above could help.



SwitchBot Support

Feb 17, 2018

These answers are very helpful. Thank you!

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