Feb 27, 2018

Random switches added to Alexa Devices




I purchased a number of Switchbots and a hub. They are excellent and work really well, so thanks!


I have a weird issue though, I enabled all of my switchbots for Alexa, which works fine, but random other switchbots that aren't mine have started showing up in my Alexa devices (see screenshot - all the offline ones). The ones that aren't mine I have disabled - I tried removing them but they just come back. Every so often some more appear and I have to disable them too, otherwise the names interfere with my own switchbots.


It's like other people's switchbots are showing up on my account.


Please help! Thanks!


Feb 28, 2018

Hi Gez,


Yes, looks like something wrong on Amazon. We will check and see whether we could fix on our side.


In the meanwhile, could you drop an email to us at with below info?


Basic Info List:

Mobile Device Model: e.g. iPhone 6 plus

Mobile Device System: e.g. iOS 11.1.2

SwitchBot APP Version: e.g. 2.4.1

SwitchBot Firmware Version: e.g. V4.2

SwitchBot Hub Firmware Version: e.g. V3.0-0.8, or no Hub available

SwitchBot Account Email: e.g.

(We suggest you do not post your email address info in our public community here.)

Issue Description: xxx

Screenshot: (if applicable)



SwitchBot Support

Mar 2, 2018

Thanks for your reply! I have sent the e-mail a couple of days ago, did you receive it?

Mar 2, 2018

Hi Gez,


Yes, we got your email with more detailed information, and able to identify the problem.


Click on "forget all" under devices of Alexa setting page.


We managed to solve the issue weeks ago on the server side. Once you apply the remedy above, no more randomly devices will appear then.



SwitchBot Support

Mar 4, 2018

Thank you very much - it seems to be fixed!

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