Roman Mitnitski
Dec 29, 2018

Python API and long press


Found the python api implementation in GitHub, and it works fine for simple presses


I am looking for an API for long press (this is how I can arm my home alarm). Python API does not seem to expose the length of key press. There is, though, an option for "On" and "Off" commands, but I can't see any difference in what the bot does when I execute those commands (it just does the simple press).


Can anyone here advise?

Jan 7

Hi please set the long press duration in your App then use the API to control your bot.


The long press setting is applied in every action.

Roman Mitnitski
Jan 7

Ah, but see, I use same bot to punch in the security code (lets say, "arm the alarm" in my system is long press on "1", but to disarm I need to punch in code (lets say 179) - which needs a SHORT press on "1" (and yes, I have two more bots pressing "7" and "9" :-). Disarming part works great with python (I just connect to all the bots and issue press commands). If I configure the long press on "1" from the app it breaks the disarm flow. And no, I don't have space to fit two bots around "1". And can't reconfigure alarm pad functionality.... So I need the long press thing. I don't believe it's THAT hard to do, it's just that part of Bluetooth interface is sadly not exposed.

Jan 14

@Roman Mitnitski Hey, sorry, the firmware is designed with a fixed long press parameter so we do not have a Bluetooth interface to implement this...

Roman Mitnitski
Jan 11

Just wanted to share the fact that I finally made it work. The short story is that github code has "on" and "off" codes to transmit to the bot, but like I said the codes were just "pressing" the button.


Don't know what exactly is the intention of the programmer, but when I changed the 'on' command from

'\x57\x01\x01' to '\x57\x01\x03', the robot worked as intended (that is, the lever came out and stayed out until I transmitted the "off" command ('\x57\x01\x02'). So now, with a wait between on and off I can do long keypress... Yay!

Jan 14

Fantastic!!! Great to know that... The on/off command is designed for the light switch mode... lol

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