Dec 19, 2018

Use SwitchBot with Google Assistant to control 3-way switch?


I have a light in a stairwell that's controlled by a 3-way switch, so there's a light switch at either end of the stairs and when you hit either switch, it toggles the light on or off. I put a SwitchBot on the switch at the top of the stairs, and it works great as long as I don't use the switch at the bottom of the stairs, but once I flip the bottom switch, SwitchBot doesn't know the state of the light anymore. Then I have to remember "oh, the light is actually off, but switchbot thinks it's on, so I still have to say 'turn the light off' in order to turn it on again".


Is there any command I can use to say "toggle the light"? Something like "switchbot, if you think the light is on, turn it off, and if you think it's off, turn it on"?

Dec 25, 2018

Hi, this is like quantum entanglement and hard to implement... I think the best way it's to have a light sensor to indicates the light status...

Bogdan Stoian
Aug 27

I have the same use case. I don't think it's that complicated. Just need a way to query the status that the bot thinks it has. This should be doable since the app already knows if the bot is (or think it is) in ON or OFF state. Is there any API that I can use to get this information?

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