Victor Svedberg
Jun 20, 2018

Use SwitchBot in the mountains with no WIFI or internet?


I mount a portable BLE Weathermeter on a tripod outside my tent when climbing. There is a flaw in my current setup, whenever the Weathermeter go to sleep I have to physically go out into a often cold and windy night to turn the device on manually to collect wind, humidity, temperature and other weather data back to the iPhone.


So my idea is to mount a wireless button that does not lose connection to my iPhone (or manual wireless switch) onto the device, thats why i've ended up in this forum. If this works, I could turn the device on without having to leave the comfort of the tent and my cozy, warm sleeping bag. A major improvement to this system, haha.


So my questions to you who own a SwitchBot is: could this work? or does it need WIFI/internet access to work properly? And with some modifications, how good would you think it would hold up against cold and sometimes wet environments? I guess the electronics is pretty basic, so if I sealed it abit it would probably work?


Jun 25, 2018

Hi Victor,


Thanks for sharing your interesting case with us. Our team had quite a lot discussion for your use case.


SwitchBot can work independently, without a Hub, via Bluetooth and be controlled with your mobile phone directly. However, we have concern that SwitchBot might not work perfect in your case for below 2 reasons:


1) SwitchBot is mainly designed to use in house, and the working temperature is 10 to 50 °C.

In an extreme cold case e.g. on mountain, there will be uncertainty for chipset and battery.


2) Need at least 1 cm width for 3M VHB tape to stick the Bot firmly. 3M VHB may not work well in extreme low temperature, and you might need another workaround.


On link below we stated 4 main factors decide whether SwitchBot works well with the rocker switch. A similar rule applies to the button you want to control.


Conclusion: If the cold temperature you are referring is above 0 °C, it worth a try. Otherwise, the battery and chipset will not work well.



SwitchBot Support


Victor Svedberg
Jun 25, 2018Edited: Jun 25, 2018

Thanks for your thorough answer, I just ordered one!


I've been looking on DYI Raspery Pi and Arduino solutions but they seem to become larger in size, bulkier and it's quite the project to get all the mechanics working together with some half-assed self made software. I probably won't have anything close to operational untill next year if I'd go with that plan.


So the idea is to borrow a friends 3D-printer and make a case that holds the Weathermeter while encapsualting and creating some more room for the button to stick to (the 3M tape is the least of my worries, there's allways a superglue solution, hehe.) This way I think I might be able to also add some Weathersealing and add some insulation. It's a bit of a long shot but I think it's worth a try.


The scale of this paint-sketch is a bit off but the idea looks something like this:


I'll be back in a few weeks to let you know how it all panned out, hehe.


Thanks for all the help,


Jun 26, 2018

Awesome, Victor. Looking forward to you update then.

Oct 10, 2018

I think we will have some sensor products soon :)

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