Alessandro Oltramari
Jan 13, 2018

Thermostat control


Edited: Jan 13, 2018

Suppose I want to have an IFTTT rule that says "every morning at 6 am, raise temperature of 4 degrees". To execute the rule, I could use a SwitchBot, assuming that it'd be possible to push the ^ button on my digital thermostat 4 times.

I don't think this scenario is currently supported, but how far is SwitchBot/IFTTT integration from it? Ah, of course I'd also love to have an Alexa skill to issue commands to my thermostat through SwitchBot.


Jan 13, 2018

Hi Alessandro, we have a solution for you, which utilize the SwitchBot build-in timers, requires no IFTTT and no phone.


In Setting of the SwitchBot App, set 4 timers at 6:00, 6:01, 6:02, 6:03 everyday.


BTW, please be noted that multiple (4) timers at the same time (6:00) will only make SwitchBot activated Once.

Alessandro Oltramari
Jan 14, 2018

I'm sold :-)

4 days ago

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