Christian H.
Feb 5, 2018

SwitchLink: Control LEDs/color over IFTT or other interface?


Edited: Mar 4, 2018

Hello! As your hub is a nice little thing that I don't want to hide, I'd like to place it in good view and use it's color-pushing/controlling function to announce some things (new mail from VIP, movement detection, websites offline and so on.....).


Is there a possibility to use this function over an API or is it planned to Push Colors via IFTT?

Is it possible to control single LEDs?


Thank you!


Kind regards,


Feb 7, 2018

Hi Christian,


We are glad that you like SwitchBot!


Yes, the feature sounds cool. The Hub can be more than just a night light this time.


Actually, we thought about it before. At present, our team is looking back at how to implement it, maybe start with IFTTT and set the Hub as one color when it is triggered.


Hub API is also in our plan. But there were some technical limitation for current implementation, so it will not come shortly.



SwitchBot Support

Christian H.
Mar 4, 2018

nice to hear, thank you for your answer!

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