Martin Sabith
Feb 25

SwitchBot without hub but with Alexa


I am about to buying a few SwitchBots but it isn't clear for me whether I do need the Hub or not? AFAIK all echo devices have bluetooth on board - hence as long as a SwitchBot is in bluetooth range to an echo device, I would not need the hub or am I wrong? So, can I use the Switchbots only using my echo devices and the corresponding skill? I have several echo devices throughout my house so that there should be plenty of bluetooth coverage where I need those bots.

Gordon KB KIM
Mar 1Edited: Mar 1

You need a Hub for controlling SwitchBots by echo devices. Echo devices discover and control smart devices like Bots or other switches by accessing the server that has smart devices' information via WiFi network. As you know, there is no WiFi module in the inside of SwitchBots. So, you don't need the Hub if you want to control it just by smartphone app, or you have to buy the Hub if you also want to control it by your voice via echo devices.

Mar 3

Yes, you do need a hub to bridge with Alexa Echo.


Echo has Bluetooth inside but Amazon do not open the BLE APIs for us to integrate...

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