Nov 8

SwitchBot Meter for mom.


Hi. Im hoping to buy a SwitchBot hub + and Meter so I can monitor the temperature in my mother's house from my home. As I'm new to this can I ask some questions:


Question 1: If I set up the hub and meter in her house can I see the temperature graph from her meter on my iPhone from anywhere?

Question 2: Could we see this on 2 iPhones at the same time ( from several miles away)

Question 3: Will the SwitchBot hub + work well with the Huawei B315 router?


Please let us know each answer

Nov 13

Hi there,


1. Yes, after connecting the hub to Wi-Fi and pair up with meter, you could monitor the temperature anywhere.

2. Yes, you could log in your account to several phones and they could be used at the same time. Or you could sign up two accounts and add these devices. SwitchBot Products could be added to multiple accounts.

3. Yes, but please keep the 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi of your Huawei B315 router on. SwitchBot Hub could only link to 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi by now.




SwitchBot Team

a day ago

Hi Rei

Thanks for the quick answers.

My Brother and I are now monitoring temperature in Moms home. The Meter is really good and does what we need.

We are using an Huawei b315 router and it worked first time linked to the meter and sends readings and notifications to 2 iPhones in 2 locations.

Great Products

Thanks again.



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