Joseph Jaramillo
Jan 30

SwitchBot Hub Plus API? Siri?


What is the status on an HTTP-accessible API for the Hub Plus? As a device sitting on the network, one would think it should be pretty straightforward to directly query it via HTTP for devices, etc. All of the source code I've seen linked is specifically around controlling the Bots. But what about the Hub Plus?


Similarly, I bought these based on the Siri Shortcuts marketing, not realizing that those were exclusive to the bots. Again, as a device sitting on the network, it seems like it should at least be possible to implement Siri support. I'd be happy to work on a HomeBridge plugin myself if there were documentation about an API we can use.

Mar 13

API is expected to be released before the end of June.

Geert Vercamer
4 days ago

any news on the API?

3 days ago

As a user of the Dutch smart home "Homey" I would love an open API and WebHooks. SwitchBot would immediately step into the 1st league of the smart home. It would be programmed in a very short time an app for Homey. Take a look at this:

New Posts
  • jt
    11 hours ago

    Hi. Im hoping to buy a SwitchBot hub + and Meter so I can monitor the temperature in my mother's house from my home. As I'm new to this can I ask some questions: Question 1: If I set up the hub and meter in her house can I see the temperature graph from her meter on my iPhone from anywhere? Question 2: Could we see this on 2 iPhones at the same time ( from several miles away) Question 3: Will the SwitchBot hub + work well with the Huawei B315 router? Please let us know each answer
  • Darren Fields
    a day ago

    I am looking at getting a SwitchBot or two for my home, I currently have a SmartThings Hub, do I need to purchase a SwitchBot Hub to remotely control the SwitchBot or can I use my existing SmartThings Hub?
  • Mike Klodginski
    2 days ago

    It would be really great to add an indefinite 'long press' or 'hold down until off' as the last option on the long press timer. That way it would hold the button down until the switch is set to off instead of a timed interval.

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