Jamie Pepper
Sep 28, 2018

STL files for Lid and arm?


Edited: Sep 28, 2018

Hello! I was wondering if you have or can release STL files for the arm and lid components? I was hoping to make a slightly larger arm to use SwitchBot to turn on/dock one of my dumb Roomba's but the depth of the button is too far for the stock arm to reach so I was hoping to design one to address my specific need. I can't imagine I'm the only one who wants to do a similar thing but for a different reason (ex elongated arm to reach a center button on a 3D printer to help automate prints?) Any help is appreciated!

Sep 29, 2018

Hi Jamie,


We can release the STL files for the arm and lid component if you need.


Our arm can survive 20,000 times of usage in usual. But we are not sure how long will a 3D printer made arm works.


I guess your problem might be remedy by heightening up the bottom side away from the arm. Any picture should be helpful so our community can understand your problem better.


Don't hesitate to drop us an email at support@wondertechlabs.com for any further urgent attention.




SwitchBot Customer Happiness


Jamie Pepper
Oct 23, 2018

Hi Linda, It's truthfully hard to video and show the problem at the same time as I have to hold the Switchbot in place to show the depth (I don't want to waste the 3M backing for testing) but suffice to say the arm isn't deep enough to reach the centre recessed button of the Roomba. As I noted I would also like to design an elongated arm to push the centre button of my 3d printer so I can design some IFTTT recipes to work with the smart switch I'm using for my printer to be able to print off designs via a simple Alexa command and use IFTTT triggers to Switchbot to navigate my SD card and print the selected item. Please let me know where I can obtain the STL files. If allowed I will post any designs I make on Thingiverse so that others can make use of or remix them. Thanks, Jamie

Oct 30, 2018

Sent you STL files via email earlier. Don't hesitate to share with the community for your creative design.


Have fun!




SwitchBot Customer Happiness

Tobias Koeleman
May 1

Hi there, I have a similair problem. I bought the switchbot for my jura coffee machine, yet neither is the device casing thick enough or the arm long enough to make it work properly. Would you also be able to send me the stl files so I can remedy this? Ill send you the adjusted ones back compatible which should be compatible with most jura devices in return. Thank you.

Jamie Pepper
May 2

@Tobias Koeleman ping me at jamiesonpepper at gmail dot com and I can send them. I haven't had a chance to adjust them yet for my purpose(s) but hopefully they will help you with yours!

Tobias Koeleman
May 3

Thank you Jamie, sent you a pm

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