Daniel Worthington
Oct 18



I have the SwitchBot hub along with 5 other switch bots. I love them! They turn on my pc and open the garage door. This turely is a marvellous thing.


I did have a thought though when setting up the devices, opening the box and pulling the tab out of the back of the device they worked with my app and phone instantly! Great.


However would someone esle be able to install the app and get close to my switchbot and connect and control it just as easily? Or is there a bit more to it than that?


So if I had a guest and they wanted to open the gate, could they install the app and then control the button as long as they are in bluetooth range? This is something I dont want as someone could do the same the otherside of the fence practically?


Any thoughts?





Ishraq Ibne Ashraf
Oct 19

@Daniel Worthington You can set a password for your bots from the SwitchBot app, "Settings of the Bot > Password, Mode". This way anyone with the app installed and in proximity of your bots will not be able to control the bots without knowing the password.



Daniel Worthington
Oct 20

Thank you. I forgot I had seen a password option. Thank you. All set.

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