Jade Lee
Jan 22

Possible to command "pull or push" using python github?


Hi, I want to press and pull the switch using python project with Raspberry pi

I wonder there is only command of "Press" in python script.

Can I implement "pull" command using python script?

Jan 22

Hi sure,

you can refer to the switchbot.py.

if act == "Turn On":

con.sendline('char-write-cmd ' + cmd_handle + ' 570101')

elif act == "Turn Off":

con.sendline('char-write-cmd ' + cmd_handle + ' 570102')

elif act == "Press":

con.sendline('char-write-cmd ' + cmd_handle + ' 570100')

Jade Lee
Jan 24

Hi, one more quiestion.

I need to use two switchbots with one Rpi 3.

The Rpi 3 has a bluetooth function also.

I wonder switchbot.py can select one of two switchbots and send a command.

is it possible??

Jan 25

Yes, but you need to do a minor modification. You can scan to know the MAC address of each bot then put it in your code. A Bot can be identified by its MAC address.

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