Jan 14, 2018

Order and SwitchBot feedback...

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Hi, excited to try SwitchBot and just placed an order for 4 of the bots and remotes, and the hub (for IFTTT)! It's order #10338-can someone from the SwitchBot team confirm my order was received please btw?


Curious about battery replacement since I couldn't find any info on that-why is that info so hard to find? For folks who've -had them for a while, how's battery life and have you had to replace them yet?


Any other gotchas that have come up in the past year of using them? Or pretty much smooth sailing the whole time you've had them? Thanks in advance for any feedback! :)


Jan 14, 2018

Hi there, please be noted that your order #10338 has been received. Your order will be shipped out soon once ready.


For battery replacment, simply remove the top cover with your fingernail. We are discussing and working on to provide a clear instruction, might be on the new manual, or here on website, or in app. Let us know which you think might be better.


For SwitchBot, the battery lasts for 600 days if you use it every twice a day in our previous test. I personally have one in my bedroom for more than 1 year, and still works with no problem.


Our 1st priority is always the product, and we are continuously improving the software and hardware even nowadays. If you or anyone else experienced any issue, feel free to post in the community here, or drop us an email at


We can not guarantee a quick solution for everything, but we will try the best to make things easy for you. SwitchBot made easy!




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