Mar 10, 2018

Multiple press hold seconds


My device's button utilizes short press and long press.

I want to set both press hold seconds to one switchbot.

Is it possible?

Mar 19, 2018

Hi mrturbo,


Sorry to say, no, our current implementation only allows either short-press or long-press mode, not a mix.


We are continously improving the software, and this feature might be implemented in the future.


As a workaround, if there is enough room, you could use 2 SwitchBots with one as short-press mode and the other 1 as long-press mode.



SwitchBot Support

Mar 19, 2018



No, there is no space for 2 of them.

Software update would be appreciated.

Mar 19, 2018

In addition, multiple click would be nice.

Mar 21, 2018

Yes, both are in our road map.

May 25, 2018

Do you have any certain plan to add those features?


I also want Programmable press.


With one tap on the app, do this: 3 sec press > 1 sec release > 1 click

May 25, 2018

It is in our road map, and still under development.


The programable press feature involves a complete reconstruction of the Hub firmware, and a complete rebuild of the app UI, so it will take some time.


To be more specific, the Hub firmware reconstruction was roughly completed, and we managed to release a beta version app which supports repetitive action (e.g. press once every 30 seconds for 90 times). This is one step closing to the programable feature you are requesting.


However, our team is focusing on new products these weeks, and this feature will likely have to wait for a few more months.


If you know about coding and Python, you might want to try the open API available on Github. This definitely can meet to your requirements.



SwitchBot Support

Jason Curtis
May 16

This is great! are there any updates on these features @support ? I'm particularly interested in having a sequence - where button 1 is pressed once, then button 2 is pressed 5 times, then button 3 pressed 2 times for instance.

I would love to try the beta app version.

Jason Curtis
May 16

Also where can I find the API on GitHub? A quick search didn't turn anything up.

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