Feb 4, 2018

Mac Address


How do I find the mac address for the switchbot?

Feb 5, 2018

Hi Izinc,


We noticed that you have resolved the problem by yourself. Congrats!


In case anyone else is checking back, we here briefly summarize.


Q: How do I find the mac address for the switchbot?


A: Initiate the scan command first, get service UUID, then the MAC address.


It is already provided in the open source python code, which you could access under:




SwitchBot Support

Mattias Persson
Feb 21, 2018

So why can't you just show the mac-adress in the app? That would be much easier than having to wipe my hassio installation...

Feb 23, 2018

Hi Mattias,


Sorry for the incovenience you experienced. For app design, we belive in Less is More, and keep it easy to use. While mac-address was not helpful for basic users to use.


Still, we will review this as a new request, and see whether we could improve it somehow.



SwichBot Support

Feb 27, 2018

Hi Mattias and all,


Thanks for your valuable feedback. After review with the team, we have decided to make changes:


1. We will show full MAC addresses on mobile apps since next release.

2. We will further simplify the Github API and make it an interface for getting MAC address.


Hope you could enjoy these improvements soon!



SwitchBot Support

Mar 19, 2018

Hi Mattias and all,


Thanks to your feedback, the full MAC addresses is now displayed directly on mobile app home page, and also under the setting page (the gear icon) of each SwitchBot, as we promised.


We might adjust and not to display the info on the home page in the next few releases, but the info under the setting page will remains.



SwitchBot Support.

thomas day
Apr 18, 2018

Top work and very useful, please keep it in the app hidden under settings and if you really do need to remove it have it accessible via a secret button press.

Apr 18, 2018

Yes, Thomas, a secret button press sounds great, like what Android team did by tap Build number seven times to enable developer options. :-)


We are working on a new UI design right now, and will hold on with minor changes right now. But we will share your opinion with the team.

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