thomas day
Apr 16, 2018

Improvements to app


Edited: Apr 16, 2018

here are a list of improvements/suggestions for the app on ios


1) add a history to the switch. I.E. Sunday 16:05 on 17:06 off, Monday 08:45 on Monday 08:49 off.

2) colour the switch green on, red off, or better still the on screen image could be a rocker switch showing its current status. Without this it is impossible to tell from just the app what the current status of the switch is. I.E. from the app I have no way to tell if it is it on or off.

3) replace the timers clock for the standard ios time input clock. Sorry but the clock face input method hurts my soul every time i have to use it.


Thanks Bertybassett

Apr 18, 2018

Hi Bertybassett,


Thanks for your suggestion.


The new app UI interface is under development these days with a better design and better experience.



SwitchBot Support

Apr 18, 2018

For your request 2), there might be some limitation for us to implement this feature.


SwitchBot is designed to still allow manually toggle your rocker switch without interfering the Bot itself. So SwitchBot is difficult to get an exact information about which status (ON/OFF) is the switch currently on.


The other 2 points are good suggestions, and we will improve that.



SwitchBot Support

thomas day
Apr 18, 2018Edited: Apr 18, 2018




maybe have this as an option you can turn on in the settings with a cavet note saying ”Please not manual switching will over ride this”


or at least put this under the history setting page greyed out.


last press from switchbot made the switch status


On * unless you manually pressed the switch.



just a thought, not a show stopper. The history of the switch really is main issue that needs addimg as i need to confirm my heating is turning on/off and at present i am just guessing


Notications in os would be another nice ieda but put this very low down the list of priorities.

Apr 18, 2018

Hi Thomas,


Yes, I agree with you that history is what matters here. Our team has been looking into how to implement it.


As a remedy, for single-control switch, you might want to sync the app ON/OFF status the same as the actual switch (press ON will turn your device on and vise versa), and then always press ON (1 time or multiple) to turn on your device or make sure it is already on.


We have managed to improve the reliability of bluetooth transmission to higher than 99.95% right now. However, please always pay attention to safety when using devices like heater.


As shared in another post, we will hold on introducing new features until our new UI interface release is ready. Let's wait and see then.




SwithcBot Support

thomas day
Apr 18, 2018

Thanks for the super speedy replies and gave a great day.

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