Jul 6, 2018

I made a dumb

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Edited: Jul 6, 2018


I have an old home security system with a wireless remote. Sometimes in my morning haze I arm the system incorrectly and my dog sets off the motion alarm. I had no ability to remotely turn off the alarm and had to run off to shut it off. Or sometimes I run downstairs forgetting the system is armed setting off the alarm. Not anymore with Switchbot. Best part the box the Smarthub comes with fits my remote and created the shelf I needed to mount the switchbot to.


With the alexa/IFTTT integration now when I wake up in the morning. I say the magic words "Alex trigger morning" and my bedroom lights turns on, and the switchbot disarms the house alarm as well.

Jul 13, 2018

Awesome! Brilliant!


Make dumb things smart, that was what SwitchBot is designed for!


The 3M sticker is not very firm in the 24 hours. If you leave it there, and not to try too many times, it might be firmly attached.

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