Jim Baker
Oct 25

Hub location in the home.


Edited: Oct 25



Just got my Hubplus and a couple of switches. My question is....is there a preferred location to put the hub in my home. I have a living area in the center of the house and I need to control a switch in a bedroom as well as 2 TV's....one in a bedroom and the other in the theatre room. Does the hub need to be within a room to control the TV? How good is the wall penetration in the hub...if required?


Thanks in advance.

Oct 25

Hi Jim,


SwitchBot Hub plus is a smart infrared remote control. So you need to place it within a room to control the TV cause infrared ray can not penetrate a wall.


Hope this could help.




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Jim Baker
Oct 25

So in that case I need a hub in both rooms to control the 2 TV's?. That is going to prove a bit expensive isn't it?

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