Feb 13

How to know if device is ON or OFF


Hi, i have many devices. So, when i don't remember if a device is on or off i can't see on the app the state of the device. I miss a color to make the distinction. If i use light switch add-on it's possible to see that but for a simple push button it's not possible. Can you tell me if there is a way for me to solve this? Thanks

Feb 24

Sorry... We are unable to know the current status from the App except the latest status you set. Maybe this is possible with our later sensor products :)

Mar 11

That's an issue you can solve with an additional simple button like you have on the toggle ad-on. The second button will do the same, push, but at least we could know which button we press last time: on or off. With so many connected devices how can i remember if i left the heater on or off? i can't, so i have to go and check-it and that was what i did before the bot, to stand up and push the heater button-nosense for me.

And you should consider that people that like this devices sooner or later will like home assistants and there we have another problem: with the hub and alexa i control a lot of devices but if i tell alexa to shut down everything in my house, the devices connected with the hub if already turned off they will do the opposite and turn on.

For example, i say "Alexa turn on TV" and Hub turn on my TV but if i repeat again "alexa turn on my TV" the hub turn off my TV. The turn ON does the same thing as the turn OFF command because the hub act like pressing the ON/OFF remote and doesn't care about its state.

That doesn't happen with an alexa on/off plug, however i prefer the hub because i can change tv channel, volume, etc. even with that on/off issue. It's a TV so it's easy to see last state, not like the heater which we can't see from the distance.

The only device that acts with the hub really well with ON and OFF wisely is the air conditioner, if it's off and i ask to turn off doesn't change, and the opposite also. And it has a single on/off remote button but on the switchbot app has 1 for ON and another for OFF. So i tried to configure the TV as an air conditioner to see if i can do the app trick with those 2 different buttons but it didn't work because i say turn OFF or turn ON and change the TV state no matter what was before.

Hope you think in this issues.

Mar 12

1) "with the hub and alexa i control a lot of devices but if i tell alexa to shut down everything in my house, the devices connected with the hub if already turned off they will do the opposite and turn on."


- This can be solved by:

a) Alexa or Google Assistant can recognize your device ON/OFF status well.

b) You are using SwitchBot as ON/OFF mode. (So the App MIGHT get an estimation of your switch ON/OFF status, but never accurate status due to manual operation still allowed)


When you try say "Alexa, good night", all devices can be turned off. If the SwitchBot controlled switch was as OFF status, it will either not trigger the arm movement, or repeat another try to turn it OFF.


2) For your problem with the TV while use Switchbot Hub Plus, is mainly because most TV use the exact the same infrared command for ON and OFF.


There is also some limitation on Alexa side. There is limitation on the device type, and not friendly with SwitchBot which is designed for most appliance/devices. Similar for Google Assistant. We will keep a close look at with Amazon and Google's progress, and see how we could make it better.


3) I am not sure what kind of button or switch your heater is using. If it is a button, we could not confirm its ON/OFF status for now.


Conclusion: There is no way to get the right ON/OFF status with SwitchBot (the Bot) or the Hub Plus only, as long as we allow you to keep the original or manual ways to control the devices.


The only way out is our new products like Sensors or Wi-Fi plug, or either the device could tell us its status somehow. So, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter and stay tuned with us.

Mar 12

@support i can see 1 difference between the remotes, the air conditioner remote has only 1 on/off button but an lcd display so when i press to on, the lcd open. I suppose that feature is what makes the switchbot hub plus to identify the device state.


About the switchbot devices i can't tell because i have 1 and doesn't respond to alexa. I've reported the issue to your support through the app. Everything works with Alexa except the bot: "the device is unresponsive". And yes, it controls 1 single on/off digital button from a heater.

Mar 12

@support that's not what is happening in the field. @Splatoon is right. Even though with the Alexa app you can see an on/off status for switches not in light switch mode, the status always reverts to an off status after it is activated. Additionally, if you have Alexa turn off a switch that is in off status, it will still push the switch. So the status in the Alexa app is nearly useless.


I have the same issue as @Splatoon, in that is I tell Alexa to turn off everything, it will blindly push the already off SwitchBot.


I understand what you are saying about the users abiltiy to physically push the button which would mess up the status, but you should let those of us who want this function about that. An easy work around it giving us the abiltiy to change the switch's status from the app after a physical push.

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Mar 13

Inversing the switch direction is not what we're talking about. We are talking about telling the app that the switch is on when it thinks the status is off, and vice versa.

Mar 14

@julintim OK, got you point now.


So, what would be the consequence in your use case, let's say, if we don't have this feature? We want to find out the root cause or the right solution for your problem.


The ON/OFF status in the Alexa App and the SwitchBot App are supposed to be in sync. If it does not, please report it in SwitchBot App Feedback so we could make it right.


You commented that "Even though with the Alexa app you can see an on/off status for switches not in light switch mode, the status always reverts to an off status after it is activated." I tested it and not able to reproduce. This was a known problem for us, and has been fixed a problem long time ago.


We are cautions with adding new features, as we always put "easy to use" and usability as our top priority. Still, any your suggestions and comments are always welcome.


We made some effort to optimize our technical support process. Report a specific problem in our App Feedback one by one, with description with your use cases, or better with recorded video or photos will always help us address the problem faster and easier.

Mar 15

The problem with switch-bot and alexa is solved and now i can press it through alexa. The good thing is that from Alexa app THIS bot device show ON or OFF status so now i can control it by the phone without having to physically confirm the bot job is done. Unfortunately the other devices doesn't show the state on Alexa app so i can't see their state. They are TV's and Amplifier so is not so bad and the most important devices, air conditioner and radiator now i can check. The best job is made with Air conditioner, the only device that works like a charm with this system. That's done! 5 devices controlled by 1 hub and 1 bot with Alexa. Not a perfect system but sure it's worth it.

Apr 2

Good to know that... We will keep creating more and better products for your smart home.

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