Matt B
Mar 5

How do I control SwitchBot with a IR remote?


I want to be able to turn on a device that doesn't have a remote control with a remote control (seems like the most obvious integration). I bought the bot, thinking it would do it, but NO. So I bought the hub which has an IR receiver and repeater, but NO. This should be built into the app, right? I have a harmony remote that turns everything else on, except my SwitchBot device.

Mar 6

Hi Matt,


Thanks for your report. We are sorry that we couldn't understand your meaning quite well. Kindly advise us what you want the SwitchBot and SwitchBot Hub Plus to do for you.


Do you mean that you want to control the Bot with the infrared signal?

We are sorry that the Bot cannot be controlled by the IR signal. It is based on Bluetooth and can connect to the Hub Plus then connect to the Internet. So you can control the Bot by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi both.


Should you have any further query, you can reach our support team:


We wish you all the best.



SwitchBot Team

Matt B
Mar 6

Correct. It would be nice if the hub could receive IR and then send the signal to the BOT, especially since the Hub plus has a receiver on in it.

Mar 7

Hi Matt,


Your proposal sounds interesting. The Hub Plus could not do so, and we don't have a plan about it. We will share it with the team for a further evaluation.


It would be helpful if you could share more info about us why you want the Hub Plus to receive IR signal, and from which device.




SwitchBot Customer Happiness

Matt B
Mar 9

Bottom line is that I like my harmony remote and I use it to power on and control everything in the room already, including lights. The only thing I need to control separately is an amplifier that only turns on with a manual push button. If Switchbot hub could recognize a specific IR signal that I pick to turn on my switchbot then I wouldn't have to put my Harmony remote down and log into my switch bot app to turn it on. At that point I might as well get up and turn it on.

It's also in another room where I have an IR blaster wired in so the getting up to turn it on part is a real pain. This is why I bought the switchbot. I thought I'd be able to integrate it.

Mar 12

Hi Matt,


I understand your intention. Integration with other vendors are always difficult.


We have IFTTT support, which will allows you to control the Bots with any other 3rd party products support IFTTT. I believe this might meet your requirements somehow. You just need to figure out whether and how your Harmony can do with the IFTTT integration.


Having said that, we have Siri Shortcut, Alexa and Google Assistant support. All of these might also help you out in your cases.




SwitchBot Customer Happiness

Oct 9

I figured out one way to do this was to build a virtual switch in SmartThings, add that to Harmony, then setup IFTTT for the switch to Switchbot.


Either way I'd VASTLY prefer the ability to directly control a Switchbot with IR. Having a physical remote like the Harmony is just so much nicer than a smartphone app. I'd love to use the Switchbot Hub as a universal remote instead of the Harmony but I just need a physical remote.

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