Jul 27

API for SwitchBot Meter

Jul 27

The Meter is similar to the Bot, both having Bluetooth based API.


We haven’t published the complete Bluetooth based API documents for the Meter and the Bot yet, and we are reviewing on it. We will share once done. The one on github is still working, but there are more available to you.

Right now, you can use SwitchBot Meter with Hub Plus, then setup it with IFTTT service. Set SwitchBot as THIS, Webhooks as THAT. Whenever the temperature or humidity reaches a threshold, webhooks service could be triggered and sent to your preferred URL address.


Meter data history can also be exported manually as CSV format for now.


Not sure about your complex setup idea and its requirement to SwitchBot. We are happy if you could share us more info.




SwitchBot Customer Happiness

Jul 27

Hi Linda,


Great news! Since I don’t know how I get the values from Meter instead of `driver.run_command('press')`, I wait until you publish the API document or update the code on GitHub.


I’d like to create the following trigger:

if (
    temperature > high_threshold and (
        motion_sensor[0] == True or
        motion_sensor[1] == True or
        motion_sensor[2] == True
James M
Aug 10

Is there a preview of the API available? This is also something I'm interested in

Oct 1

Is there any update on this? Having some simple instructions explaining how to fetch temperature and/or humidity directly via bluetooth would be really useful.

Bill Bostock
Oct 12

I want to get the temperature and/or humidity as an ingredient for IFTTT. I'm writing a Google Sheet gScript to control my heating panels. Everything works now except getting the actual temperature.

Manuel Stephan
Oct 22

I also miss temperature and humidity ingredient fo IFTTT to send/fetch corrent value for my domotic box.

van deron
Oct 20

I'd like to integrate with another rule. such a weather forecast and switchbot meter. in that case it need to use IFTTT or API directly. Would you please share us the plan to release such IFTTT ingredient or API?

Manuel Stephan
Oct 22

+1 for having a way to fetch temperature and humidity values, this is clearly missing !

Bill Bostock
Oct 27

Please can we have access to the meter API. i know you are busy with the curtain but I will have to look at alternative devices if I can not read the exact meter temperature from through home assistant.

New Posts
  • jt
    9 hours ago

    Hi. Im hoping to buy a SwitchBot hub + and Meter so I can monitor the temperature in my mother's house from my home. As I'm new to this can I ask some questions: Question 1: If I set up the hub and meter in her house can I see the temperature graph from her meter on my iPhone from anywhere? Question 2: Could we see this on 2 iPhones at the same time ( from several miles away) Question 3: Will the SwitchBot hub + work well with the Huawei B315 router? Please let us know each answer
  • Darren Fields
    a day ago

    I am looking at getting a SwitchBot or two for my home, I currently have a SmartThings Hub, do I need to purchase a SwitchBot Hub to remotely control the SwitchBot or can I use my existing SmartThings Hub?
  • Mike Klodginski
    2 days ago

    It would be really great to add an indefinite 'long press' or 'hold down until off' as the last option on the long press timer. That way it would hold the button down until the switch is set to off instead of a timed interval.

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