nico nln
Jun 14, 2018

Alexa skills


Hi !


Alexa skills is not available in France and cannot be installed in this country. Do you know availabilty date for France ?


Thanks you for your reply



Jul 5, 2018

Bonjour, we are aware that Amazon Echo just launched on France a few weeks ago.


However, we don't have the official support to French yet. The main difficulty is that our team does not speak French.


Could you try to add "SwitchBot Smart" skill, and then see whether you could just speak to Alexa to do like "Alexa, turn on bedroom light"?




SwitchBot Support

Patrice Payen
Dec 13, 2018

Switchbot smart is not available when you are connected to the French Amazon. You need first to publish your skill on the French Amazon before we could use it.

Dec 28, 2018

Any news for the italian skill version?

Jan 10

Hi friends,


Please hold on for extra 2 weeks.


French, Italian and Spanish "SwitchBot Smart" skills are now under reviewing with the Amazon team.


We will issue a newsletter once it is available.




SwitchBot Customer Happiness

Feb 22

Sorry to bother you but... any news about the skill for Amazon Spain...?

Feb 24

It's still under reviewing, please wait for a few more days. Thanks for your patience.

Mar 5

Thanks for your patience.


The Alexa skill for French Italian and Spanish have been developed and now the Amazon team's review weeks ago. We made all minor improvements as per Amazon's requests during the review. Now we are still waiting for their latest feedback, and there is not much room to be pushed.


As soon as the skills are available, we will send you an email notification. Please subscribe to the newsletter (on the page bottom) to keep updated.


Best Regards,

SwitchBot Team

Mar 12Edited: Mar 12

Dear all,


Just to let you know, the "SwitchBot Smart" Alexa Skills for French Italian and Spanish are available now.


We are planning a newsletter, but just wanna let you know first.




SwitchBot Customer Happiness

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