marco pogliaghi
Nov 21, 2018

Alexa in Europe


Hi. As you should know Amazon started selling Echo products in Italy, Spain and France a few weeks ago. Switch bot skill Cannot be found in local skill markets and we cannot switch to us market and use the skill from there. I realize you may not have the knowledge of the required languages but I am sure we can help. If you wish I am more than willing to provide you with a table of phrases and words from English to Italian, of course free of charge. Just ask!!

Nov 21, 2018

Thanks for your information. We supposed that European users still can use though without local language support. We will add this asap.

Btw, how about Google Home in Europe? Can you find our action in local skill market? Thanks.

marco pogliaghi
Nov 21, 2018

Hi! Thanks for your kind and quick reply! There are several companies that were prepared to amazon entry to European market and they produced the adequate skills in local languages in the months prior the sale started. From an end user point of view switching to another amazon market means losing the ability to use local skills and what is worse losing “prime” advantages, like music unlimited. Unfortunately I cannot help you about google home, since I do not use it at home.

Nov 22, 2018

@marco pogliaghi Thank you for your information. Our guys are already working on this. We have set up a few new routers with European VPNs in our office to test the local skills.

marco pogliaghi
Nov 22, 2018

@yourconnery glad for these news! Looking forward to your work!! Thanks!!

Mar 12

Dear all,


Just to let you know, the "SwitchBot Smart" Alexa Skills for French Italian and Spanish are available now.


We are planning a newsletter, but just wanna let you know first.




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