Bot Combo

SwitchBot smart button pusher makes it easy to retrofit your original light switch. SwitchBot Bot combo supports timing, remote control, and voice control. Helps you create a smart living environment....
$98.99 $94.00

Bot Starter Combo

SwitchBot Bot Starter Combo includes a button presser and a Hub Mini. With it, you can control the lights in your home remotely, as well as by voice. Shop now...
$68.00 $65.00

SwitchBot Meter Plus Combo

SwitchBot Meter Plus Combo (indoor temperature humidity meter combo) helps you detect indoor temperature and when out of range will automatically turn on your air conditioner.
$53.99 $51.00

SwitchBot Pan/Tilt Cam Combo

SwitchBot offers home security solutions. SwitchBot Pan/Tilt Cam, a 360 camera that is SwitchBot best indoor security camera in 2022. Shop SwitchBot security camera for US and EU with fast...
$107.99 $103.00

Home Security Combo

When Contact Sensor detects that you have left home, SwitchBot Bot can automatically turn off switches, making home life more environmentally friendly and safe. When using Pan/Tilt Cam, turn on...
$132.98 $126.00
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