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Control your home with SwitchBot Tag.

Ever forget to turn the lights off as you bolt out the door? Or maybe you're just tired of turning off all your electrical appliances one, by one, by one…

If you're like us, you probably aren't a fan of doing that, or you're maybe a little more forgetful (we know we are).

Simply stick a SwitchBot Tag next to your front door, and with a single tap using your NFC enabled smartphone you'll be able to turn off all your home appliances in seconds. It's that easy.

Waterproof, foolproof, lifeproof.

SwitchBot Tag is made using super durable ABS plastic and includes a 3M adhesive area that lets you attach your SwitchBot Tag to anything, anywhere.

So you've just set up your new SwitchTag and are now crying with tears of joy? No worries, our Tag is also waterproof, meaning all those splashes, spills, and tears from moments of sheer joy won't affect your Tag in any way. So what are you waiting for? Stick your Tag wherever you want and get tapping.

It's time for some TV.

When you connect your SwitchBot Tag to a SwitchBot Hub Mini and TV you'll be able to turn on your TV just by tapping your smartphone on your SwitchBot Tag.

Turn your lights on, and off.

Once set up, tap any SwitchBot Tag with your phone and your SwitchBot Bot can turn on designated lights, want the lights off? Simply tap it again and the light will turn off.

Open and close curtains with ease.

Tap your SwitchBot Tag with your smartphone (no matter where you've placed it) and your curtains will be able to open or close in seconds. Great for extra sunlight when you need it, or maybe you're looking for a bit more privacy, either way, we're sure you'll love the convenience of having the choice.

Need a quick look at your surveillance video? We've got you.

Sometimes, with so many apps installed on our phones, we're all looking for better ways to have quicker access to the things we need. And SwtichBot Tag is the perfect solution when you want to check what's going on in front of your SwitchBot Indoor Camera in just one step.

Check the temperature and humidity of your room.

Feeling hot? A little too hot? Just tap your SwitchBot Tag to get an accurate room temperature reading in seconds.

A great start to any day.

Place a SwitchBot Tag by your bedside, and when you wake up you'll be able to open curtains anywhere at home without even getting out of bed.

Helps create an ideal sleep environment.

Tap your SwitchBot Tag before going to bed, and you'll be able to turn off your lights automatically, you can also automate your air conditioner and humidifier to turn on automatically too, helping you fall asleep faster.

The only thing you need to do before you leave home.

In a rush out? Stick a SwitchBot Tag next to your front door and as you leave home you'll be able to turn off lights, air conditioners, TVs, and other household appliances in a way that is simple and fast.

… and awesome for when you arrive back home too.

Back home now? Tap your SwitchBot Tag with your smartphone. Yup, you guessed it. Your lights and air conditioner will automatically turn on.

Make your home theater smarter.

Getting ready to watch a movie? Just tap your SwitchBot Tag. Your curtains will automatically close, the lights will automatically turn off. Now just sit back and get ready to enjoy your movie.

There's even more surprises.

With SwitchBot Tag, your possibilities are endless. You can even attach SwitchBot Tag to your car and when driving, just tap the Tag to open any third-party map application, or you can even make a phone call.

Set up in just 4 easy steps.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Angelos Eliades

Excellent service and products.

Seven So
Easy to set up , but

Need to unlock the device and open the app on IOS
*No problem on android , use very well

Devin Krawchuk
The Tags are a great idea.

I am using the the SwitchBot hubs IR function to turn on my TV and cable box when I go to bed at night.
I have it set up as a Siri Shortcut, but Siri doesn’t listen to me all the time.
I now have a Tag by my bed and I can just wave my phone over the tag to turn on the tv and tune to the right channel, as I get ready for bed.

Alexander Mehler
First Experience with NFC Tags

Nice gadget, works very well and is easy to setup. Great

J Smith
Best NFC Tag Purchased Before

I have used many NFC Tags, but none of them were as good as switch bot tag. You just can feel it when getting it on hands. It is good to work on metal.